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How to Get Your Church Involved in Disciplemaking

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Interview with Harry Brown, trainer and leader of disciple making movements and individuals like David Watson (author of Contagious Disciplemaking), Jerry Trousdale (author of Miraculous Movements) and Richard Williams (author of Discipleship Principles to Transform the Church).


How to Get Your Church Involved in Disciple Making

  • We value what we can measure or celebrate. We need an advocacy to measure what God is doing and celebrate it so others are excited


What is a disciple?

  • Being a Disciple is about being a life-long learner. But learning is nothing without doing so I think that is is fair to say that being a Disciple is about being a life-long practitioner.
  • Powerful distinction between being a Believer in Jesus and a Follower of Jesus
    • The distinction is rooted in the Gospel you respond to
      • A ‘Gospel of Salvation’ produces Believers who get heaven and miss hell
      • A ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ produces Followers who seek to obey the King in everything.
    • The reality in the spiritual realm is that, “What You Win Them With is What You Win Them To.’
      • If you came to Jesus for His free gift of salvation you think and act differently than if you responded to His call to embrace the cross and die daily.


How to Make a Disciple

  • For a disciple making movement to happen, the first thing we need is to have a disciple worth multiplying.
  • This is all about transferring good DNA
  • The role of a Good Father is to raise a Good Son who will become a Good Father
  • The key is that you are not just Saved From Something – Saved For Something
    • The universal assignment to bring the Kingdom of God into your Circle of Influence!
  • The game changer here is that Jesus’ plan would center on ordinary people
  • The new world order would have the common man at the center and the learned professionals on the fringe
  • I have told anyone who would listen through out my 40+ years of professional ministry that I am the exception not the rule. If God’s plan depended on full-time Christian workers, there would be no way to complete the mission because they are too few and cost too much to ever get the job done.
  • What Jesus was pointing to was the ‘Miracle of Multiplication’ which is illustrated in the Parable of the Sower
    • ¾ of the seed was lost
    • But the seed that found good ground multiplied 30/60/100 times
    • The unstoppable power is that each of those seeds has the potential for 30/60/100!


  • We are in a war that can only be won by soldier changing sides. Our job is not to eliminate the lost by getting them saved, our job is to enlist them as followers who repeat the process with others.
  • Obedience Based Reproductive Discipleship – Though we might not all have the GIFT of evangelism, we’ve all been commanded to EVANGELIZE and thereby MULTIPLY disciples.
  • Teaching them to obey is about learning to die every day
  • Mosaic World View.’ What that means is that I see the world not in terms of geography, language or culture but as a collection of interconnected affinity groups.
    • These affinity groups all represent various segments of society
    • The untapped power of the Great Commission is for the Gospel to ripple from one segment to another where people crossover.
      • Firehouse illustration: Unity within Diversity while on the job but each one represents a ‘gateway’ to a segment when they go home.
    • Headline Statement: To have an honest conversation about completing the Great Commission, you have to focus on ordinary people multiplying disciples in their natural networks of friends and family.
    • ‘Gateway People’ (entry point to a segment in Scripture)
      • Lydia (Acts 16) – Wealthy Merchant
      • Zaccheaus (Luke 19)
      • Nicademus (Jn. 3)
    • 1 Cor. 11:1 “Follow me as I follow Christ” embodies the spirit of the concept. It forms a picture where I am reaching back to help those behind me but also reaching forward to receive the help I need.
    • The other dimension is about ‘getting better together’.
      • The New Testament is full on ‘one another’ passages that range from ‘love one another’ to ‘admonish one another’ to ‘stimulate one another’ to love and good deeds.
      • This can happen to a small degree when we gather on Sunday but the greatest expression comes when there are smaller segments of the Body of Christ that are committed to help each other get where they want to be.
    • Jonathan Training at Emerald Hills specific training about how to raise up teams of disciple makers who will make disciples cross-culturally in conjunction with Team Expansion… and for those folks, to me it often reminds me of that famous YouTube clip in which the airplane manufacturing teams are continuing to build the airplane once the plane is aloft. We don’t wait, in the gospel of the Kingdom, until we have a perfect airplane, before we launch the airliner. We get up in the air and then put the finishing touches on things.


It Begins With Me


  • Mark 5 Jesus casts out demons and commissions the restored man to go home and share what God has done.
  • It is a healthy question to ask, “Am I the person God called me to be?” But since none of us will fully ‘arrive’ don’t wait to begin to obey what you know.
    • 3:13 Forgetting what lies behind, reach forward to what lies ahead – Press
  • The picture for discipleship is ‘every day in every way’
  • Concepts, Tools, Resources
    • – 30 days of challenges. Free practical next steps in bite sized chunks emailed daily.
    • Wesley Self-Examination Model – determine and work “growing edges”
    • Group in Africa implementing these principles since 2014. 112 groups. 750 in attendance. 481 baptisms – majority converted Muslims. 70 more waiting for rain to be baptized.
  • Formula to complete the Great Commission is 2 + 2 = 4
    • If there are 2 billion Christians in the world and everyone made one disciple in one year, then 2 + 2 would be 4 billion Christians.
    • In the second year, 4 + 4 billion would be 8 billion Christians!
    • In a world with a population of 7+ billion that is a profound thought
    • Smaller scale: 100 disciples making one disciple per year is 500k+ disciples in 10 years!
  • Great Commission is like a stair case. If you stop short of the top stair – you don’t get where you want to go. The cornerstone of being a disciple is making disciples.
  • John 14:15 Simple equation – if you do love Me, it will evidence itself in obedience. No exceptions.
  • Like the 5 Love Languages – God’s love language is grace & mercy. Our love language to God is obedience.
  • Telling my wife on our wedding day, “I love you” doesn’t replace demonstrating my love every day.
  • Obedience is like manna – yesterday’s portion is not sufficient for today
  • Jesus directed us to, “take up our cross daily” and follow Him
  • Powerful lesson from Rev. 2,3 – Jesus speaking to the Churches – Summary:
    • I affirm what you have done well
    • But I have this against you;
      • You have done some things wrong or left some things undone
      • I will give you time to correct this
      • If you don’t there will be consequences!

Dare To Be A Disciple

  • God is easy to please, but hard to satisfy – press on!
  • Attendee Questions:
    • How do I do this in a church that’s older?
      • Things change when there is dissatisfaction, ears to hear and a plan to improve.
      • Don’t ask, “Do I have to wait on the church?” Instead ask, “What can I do to live this out in my network?” (i.e. Discovery Bible Studies)
      • Start with one person and let grow naturally
    • How should a church get started?
      • Triage people
        • Group 1 – Those that won’t change
        • Group 2 – Those that will
        • Group 3 – Those that believe “This changes my life”
      • Focus on the 3rd group and find ways to measure and celebrate what they are doing
    • Small Groups have become a hindrance.
      • Not all small groups are created equal.
      • How you start is where you’ll go. DNA starts at conception.
      • Start new groups with different DNA (purpose) rather than try to change existing ones.
    • As a college student, how do I advise leaders to join me?
      • Point to resources and concepts
      • Most powerful way is to humbly say, “I’ve been out doing this and this is what has happened. Would you like to be a part of it?”
      • Fruit speaks for itself.




Lets get better together. Let this be leaven. Help us recruit into our staff with their spheres of influence.

The Greatest Blessing

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DMM Trainers sometimes talk about what a great blessing it is to tell others about Jesus. But the GREATEST blessing, even beyond that, is… well listen to Curtis describe it below.

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Simple Church

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So “What is a Church?” That’s the question Curtis Sergeant tries to answer in the following video. And on Day #4 in the 30-Day Challenge, we ask that you “Make a List” of 30 people for whom you’ll pray. In reality, we’re beginning to help you think of all the people in your sphere. These are some of your closest associates — and likely, some of the folks with whom you’d like to be closer.

In New Testament times, your sphere of influence might meet in your home for a “house church” or “simple church.” In reality, this might be the most easily reproduced church of all. That’s Curtis’ point: we could multiply these “simple churches,” if we could just focus on them for a while. : )

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Kingdom Movements for Christ

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If we can build more disciples into true witnesses for Christ, we will build a stronger Kingdom Movement. To learn more about the concept of a Kingdom Movement, check out this 45-minute video by Jerry Trousdale, author of Miraculous Movements.

How Do I Start? With One.

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I remember the night when I stood out on my balcony and looked at a city of nearly six million lost souls. Throughout the city I could see red lights in different people’s homes where they had set up altars to worship their ancestors. The reality of so many people destined for a Christless eternity hit hard, and I remember wondering “how do I start?”

How do you see six million souls come to Jesus? Start with one.

Sometimes we can get so caught up with the end, with what we hope to see Jesus do in our family, our city, our country, that we forget to see the value of one. As we invest in one soul it has a ripple effect throughout eternity.

Whether slowly or fast, one becomes two. Two becomes four, and a movement begins.

It is good to have a vision of what we hope God to do. It is beneficial to think and strategize about what might be. I can’t though get so caught up with the end that I fail to see the beginning…one person.

Invest in a few individuals and allow God to bless and begin a movement.  May God move in mighty ways!

More on Defining Discipleship

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After you cover the Day 15 challenge, you might be curious to know more about what we mean when we say the word, “disciple,” and how disciple making movements are different from the discipleship “programs” typically being promoted at churches large and small across the land. Here are some elements that distinguish these movements from past discipleship processes, as shared by John K., at Team Exapansion’s 2015 Team Leaders’ Summit.

Thinking About Them

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I had just finished filing the paperwork for my new passport at the courthouse when I spotted my friend from high school. Surprised and curious to see him, I asked a normal question “Hey, what are you doing here?”

He shared how he had to come to the courthouse to sign up for some training that was going to be offered soon. He didn’t want to do it, but it was required if he was going to stay married and stay connected with his kids.

As he shared the struggles that he was facing, my thought went to how Jesus could help him in so many ways. During a break in the conversation, I began to share with him some struggles that I had faced in my life, and how that had changed when I came to Jesus.

As I shared with my friend about Jesus, I wasn’t thinking about me, I was thinking about him. I was thinking about how much Jesus loved him and wanted to rescue him.

If you find yourself self conscious or nervous about sharing, please know that the more you share, the more comfortable you can become at sharing, and the more that you can focus on the person hearing instead of yourself, the one sharing.

Learning to Fast

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I’m writing as a guest on the site, anonymously, because I need to admit… it has been a long time since I have allowed myself to feel such physical hunger for such a sustained time — and I’m only doing a partial fast (two meals per day) and how that also is a pretty true statement for my spiritual hunger as well. I content myself too often with passing 15-seconds-of-thought prayers, tiny bite-sized crumbs of Pinterest-type scripture, and distracted Sunday morning “worship.” I need to remember how to be hungry. How to feel it and let it move me. Not just move me to reach for a spoon-fed understanding of someone else’s revelation, but move me to seek out dinner with the Master Chef. I have a million excuses. No, I really only have one: I let any excuse be bigger than my drive to being more like Him.

So here is to being hungry! To being truly grateful for the food before me and my family. To pushing away the distraction of seeking comfort in favor of seeking His Voice. Today I’m praying that you, the reader, will find real mealtime with the One Who Loves You most.


Learning to Fast

Prayer Walking as a Passion

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Prayer-walking is one of my greatest passions. I’ve spent over 2 hours a day prayer-walking for many years. My physical therapist actually is trying to convince me to prayer-walk less miles a day. I used to prayer-walk more than three hours a day.

There are many positive results of prayer-walking. Some results you will see here and now. Some results will only become evident in eternity. You will see results in your own life: loving God more, loving others more, forgetting your problems as you see the problems of other people, opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with others. You may even lose a few pounds. I lost 45 lbs prayer-walking in 2001.

One secret to prayer-walking more, is to use all those little trips you make, even walking your dog, at the grocery store, or at the mall, into minutes of prayer. Pray about the physical, spiritual, psychological, financial, family, etc. needs of others. Pray for those you see, hear, or even imagine that live in or work in the places you see.

You can learn more about prayer-walking at my page:

Share Your Testimony

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Stop and ask yourself — when’s the last time you told someone else the story of your faith… How you came to know Christ, how He changed your life, and what kind of impact He has had. Far too many people have no clue how to get started with that story. For many of us, the first step in sharing our story is to to create it. In this video, Jon Ralls shares with us one strategy for preparing our story.

Every Disciple a Multiplier

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Curtis originally titled this talk, “Every Marine a Rifleman.” When you watch the video, you’ll understand why.

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How did DMM Become Such a Big Deal?

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Curious about the “big picture” of how “DMM” has become such a big deal so suddenly? Would you like to catch a sweeping explanation of who has been involved in promoting this new strategy… and how it compares with more traditional evangelistic outreaches? Catch this video by Bill McCorquodale, a long-time pastor, sharing his story about how he encountered disciple-making movement principles on a plane.

Eyes to See

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In the following brief video, Curtis Sergeant encourages us to pray that God would give us His eyes for the last, the least, and the lost.

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Writing your Testimony

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Need to see another example of what it sounds like to tell one’s story? Here’s another example:

Hi my name is__ , I’m from . I can still remember the pain in my heart when my wife and I learned that our baby girl due to be born in three weeks had died. It’s times like this when a person finds out if their faith has been placed in something real. I was born and raised by parents who loved Jesus and at a very young age I placed my life in His hands. As I grew up I never questioned my faith but I was often in situations when I found that Jesus did exactly what He promised. Rather than destroying my faith in Jesus the death of my daughter showed me the depth of God’s compassion and comfort. What I had learned in my Bible set me from depression, despair and bitterness. I knew that I could trust God with everything.

Throughout my life I have been blessed to help other people learn about Jesus. When someone decides to turn from believing in themselves and doing what they believe to be right to following Jesus, doing what He has commanded and trusting Jesus for their whole life I’ve seen the Kingdom of God come. I’ve seen families that were filled with anger transformed by Jesus to families filled with love. I’ve seen people who wanted to kill themselves transformed by Jesus into people who are filled with concern for others. I’ve seen people who only cared about getting rich for themselves changed by Jesus into people who find the greatest joy in loving others. Watching God heal people’s lives and filling them with joy and purpose is my greatest joy.

God continues to work in my life. I am continually amazed at God’s love, faithfulness, wisdom, power and care for me. I wonder if after hearing some of my story, you have any questions about God and your life.

The Importance of Multiplication

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Throughout, we feature trainers who share and elaborate on the concepts we’re presenting in the 30-Day Challenge. These trainers will help you pick up on key topics such as how to facilitate a Discover Bible Study (or Three-Thirds Group), principles in launching disciple making movements (or DMM’s), and becoming a disciple worth multiplying. Here is Curtis Sergeant answering the question, “Why should we even talk about multiplication?”

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The Church Planting Cycle

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David Watson is a well-known name in DMM training circles. He has boiled down DMM to 21 key principles:

  1. Group process over individual process
  2. Prayer
  3. Scripture, by way of an inductive Bible study process called “Discovery Bible Study”
  4. Households, or existing social units, rather than individuals
  5. Making disciples of Jesus not converts to a religion
  6. Obedience to commands of Jesus rather than doctrinal distinctives
  7. Access ministry – i.e., developing relationships with non-believers
  8. Ministry – meeting people’s needs leads to evangelism
  9. Timing – knowing when people are ready
  10. Intentionality and planning
  11. Person of peace – i.e., a receptive, influential person who is the gateway for a social unit coming to Christ
  12. Appropriate evangelism – i.e., communicating the good news in ways that make sense to people in their particular cultural context
  13. Starting churches, Watson’s definition of which is: “groups of baptized believers in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that gather to worship, fellowship and nurture one another, and, outside of gatherings, endeavor to obey all the commands of Christ in order to transform families and communities.”
  14. Reproduction at every level – disciples, leaders, and churches
  15. Indigenous leaders – i.e., cultural insiders are the best church planters
  16. The work of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Scripture
  17. Persecution
  18. Mentoring, which is the work of developing the whole person
  19. Self-support – in almost every case there are no paid ministers, no buildings to maintain
  20. Redeeming the culture
  21. Awareness of spiritual warfare

His church-planting movement process might be summed up in this way:

  1. Find access to friendship with disconnected people;
  2. Serve and love disconnected friends;
  3. Identify a  “person of peace” from among those friends;
  4. Work with that person of peace to invite his/her social unit (family or affinity group) into a 15-30 week inductive Bible study led by person of peace or someone else from social unit;
  5. Facilitate the group in deciding to follow Jesus and become a church;
  6. Facilitate the process of that new church sending out church planters to start the process again.

Watson has written several helpful blogs about the discipleship cycle — or, in his case, more specifically, the CPM cycle. Here are some blog entries to consider:

Understanding Transition Points:


Finding the Person of Peace:

From Person of Peace to Small Group:

From Small Group to Church:

It’s Time to Say Goodbye:

Spiritual Economy

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Eric D. recently wrote, “There’s a kind of spiritual or heavenly economy involved in this. It’s like we are breathing in, from God, receiving from Him and then obeying, internalizing what He has given us, making sure we embrace it. We make it part of who we are, then we exhale to the world around us, sharing what we have received.  The idea is — receive, obey, then share, which is very tied to the dual accountability of obedience and teaching others to obey which help us know it even better, as it goes from head to heart and hands. Whatever we get, we give away. It’s just the opposite of the world — which tries to keep what they get and charge others to give it to them.

So — We are blessed so we can bless. The question is — who, then, should we bless ?

First and foremost, God has placed us in relationship with many people.
We are responsible to steward these relationships.
He will hold us accountable for these relationships.

How can we be a blessing to them?

What is the next thing that we could do to empower them to take the next step in their faith journey with God and with their relational networks (including their household-oikos)?”

(Thanks Eric!)

Here’s Curtis, sharing similar thinking.

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Try MAWL Where you Live

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Guest Editor Eric D. wrote, “This Discipleship process is so important, why not try to start a reproducing MAWL chain right now — with something that is very short and easy to do, from memory — no paper, no notes, no props.

“What will you use?  Perhaps the BLESS prayer?
Or to quote a verse John 14:6, or Romans 6:23, or John 3:3?
Or to do a very abbreviated yet simple Gospel presentation?

  • God created the world perfect and man in His image.
  • Man disobeyed and caused separation from God.
  • Jesus died and paid the penalty for man’s sin.
  • He was buried and God accepted his sacrifice.
  • God raised Jesus from the dead as Lord and Christ.
  • This good news is the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes.
  • He forgives us of our sin and gives us the Holy Spirit within and adds us to His family again.

Or perhaps something you already know from one of the first 26 days. How would this work? What would disciples do if they wanted to simulate this process in a “practice mode?”

  • They go find a person and MODEL for that person whatever the “tool is”.
  • Then they challenge that person to do it for someone else immediately and they offer to go along and assist them as the other person MODELS.   Before they go to do it, the first person has the second person practice to make sure he/she has it down correctly. Then prays for him/her.
  • Then the two of them go and the second person finds third person and MODELS while first person ASSISTS if needed. And of course after MODELING the second person challenges third person to go MODEL for a 4th person, and the 2nd person offers to ASSIST while 3rd person MODELS, and the first person will stay with them and WATCH (which is assisting the assister) .  Before they go do it, the 2nd person will have third person practice to make sure he/she has it down and pray with him/her.  Then the three of them are off to find the fourth person for the last transfer in the first 4 generation MAWLL stream.
  • If it transfers successfully, the original person encourages all of them to keep it going, while he/she LEAVES to go LAUNCH a second stream and reminds the 2nd person that once he/she has WATCHED then he/she can also go start another “MAWLL” stream.

At the end of the day, we are challenging true followers to make room for 7 hours a week in their lives for making disciples who make disciples — for catalyzing a disciple making movement (DMM).

1. Do CHAT. (1 hour)
2. Do 3/3rds Group. (3 hours)
3. Model/Assist (train) someone outside of your 3/3rds group to start a 3/3rds Group. (2 hours)
4. WATCH (coach/encourage) those who have successfully started 3/3rds Groups. (1 hour)

(Of course, that time above does not include daily/personal bible reading, prayer and sharing testimony and Gospel except when it is necessary to Model/Assist to someone so they can know how to do those things.)

Imagine a public park or a school or a MAWLing in a MALL?
How about at a work place?
How long will it take to reach 10 people? 100 people?
How many MAWL streams?
It would be awesome to hear back from you to see what happened.”


(Thanks for the post, Eric!)

Mobilizing Prayer

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Turns out that mobilizing prayer for unreached peoples, both around the block and around the world, is one of — if not THE — most strategic thing we can do to launch disciple-making movements among those same least-reached peoples. If that’s the case, we’d better start investing more time in it. Check out this video by John K., delivered at an event for team leaders of outreaches around the world. The topic is literally, “Mobilizing Prayer.”

What Kind of Character Does it Take?

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What kind of person does it take to disciple people who will want to make disciples? What kind of character does it take to stand beside them? Start with prayer. Add in care. Then pour on a thick layer of training. To help you imagine what kind of person you might need to become, and to help you imagine those you want standing beside you, watch this video by trainer, Richard Williams.

Introducing Multiplication Concepts: the Course

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Throughout, we feature trainers who share and elaborate on the concepts we’re presenting in the 30-Day Challenge. These trainers will help you pick up on key topics such as how to facilitate a Discover Bible Study (or Three-Thirds Group), principles in launching disciple making movements (or DMM’s), and becoming a disciple worth multiplying. Here in a very brief introduction to these concepts of multiplication is Curtis Sergeant, a trainer we’ll feature again and again.

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Making the Most of Your Prayer Partnership

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Ask God that your prayer partner…

… will realize his present exalted position in Christ.

Paul places the utmost importance on the child of God entering into a mature partnership with the Father partially achieved by realizing his present exalted position before God in heaven now through the work of the Lord Jesus on the cross. It is only as we acknowledge who we really are in Christ that we can live that new identity. Many believers seem to be ignorant of this. Pray that others will get their true identity and self-worth from who they are in Christ and not from success, failure or what others say or think about them.

… will present himself as a living sacrifice.

In Romans 12:1,2 Paul presents the ultimate and totally necessary step of Christian dedication. This is presenting our bodies and all we have and are as a living sacrifice to God. This commitment is not essential to salvation, but no progress will be made in the Christian life without it. Pray that others, like Paul, will cry out, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” and then do it.

… will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Lord commands us to be filled (Ephesians 5:18). The filling of the Holy Spirit is not optional equipment for the Christian. Nothing in the spiritual life is accomplished without His power and in-filling. In the measure that we are not Spirit-filled we are self-centered, selfish and carnal. Pray that the believer will allow the Holy Spirit to work daily in his life.

… will be regular and systematic in the study of God’s Word.

It is essential for us to pray specifically that the one we are praying for will take the word of God as his food, guide, companion, only source of information about God and the spiritual life, only authority, and the ultimate fountain of joy in this life (Psalm 119). Pray, too, that as he is in the word he will appropriate it and obey it, let God’s word guide him, show him his blind spots, and keep him balanced.

… will have the mind of Christ.

In 1 Corinthians 2:11-16 the spiritual man is seen as having both the spirit of man and the Spirit of God. Thus we pray for the believer, that having supernatural life in Christ through the indwelling Holy Spirit, he may appropriate the mind of Christ in all matters of life. Pray that he will choose to make Christlike decisions in regard to priorities, goals, and guidance, with sharpened insights so as not to waste time on good things and miss God’s best. Pray that he will constantly live with eternity’s values in view, an attitude impossible to attain without the realization that the Christian life is a miracle life from beginning to end (Galatians 3:1-3).

… will grow daily in Christian maturity.

Nothing is more tragic than a twenty-year-old infant! Many today are in that spiritual condition after having been saved for a number of years. Pray that the believer will see that after the crisis experience of being born again there is the lifelong process of daily growth in Christ that takes patience, time, discipline, and the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 2:10; 4:11-16; Philippians 2:12 and 13). The mature Christian must have a spirit of forgiveness with no root of bitterness because of any treatment of himself or others. He must learn to handle stress, frustrations, and unfulfilled expectations in a Christlike manner.

… will appropriate the full armor of God.

Pray that the believer will have his eyes opened to the dangers of certain satanic attacks and will put on the full armor of God. The armor plus the skillful use of the authority he has in the victorious Christ insures full protection (Ephesians 6:10-18; Colossians 2:1-15). Pray that the one for whom we are praying will fulfill his responsibility as one born for battle, resist temptation and repent promptly of any sin in his life.

… will be alert to Satan’s strategy.

Pray that the believer will not only be kept from sin but also that he will be aware of the threefold satanic temptations: the lust of the flesh, (fulfilling any of our desires outside the will of God) is Satan’s effort to get us out of the will of God; the lust of the eyes (coveting that which God does not allow at a particular time or place) is Satan’s effort to get us to distrust God; the pride of life (self effort or independence from God) is Satan’s effort to destroy our confidence in God (1 John 2:16). Also he must realize that he is incapable of meeting Satan in his own strength. Victory comes only as he takes the victory of Calvary as his own (1 Corinthians 15:57, 58). Pray that he will discern between satanic pressure and Godly chastening, and remain keenly alert to all satanic deception.

… will not love the world system.

Pray that the child of God will have mental, emotional, doctrinal and moral stability in a day in which the pressures from peer groups, the media, and the world are increasing in their opposition to biblical standards. The believer must know that love of the world is not consistent with loving God (1 John 2:15-17). Pray that he will realize that his love for God is expressed through obedience. (John 14:15, 21, 23)

… will have a spirit of brokenness and humility.

Pray that the believer’s pride will be broken and that he will deal with his sins through repentance and seeking forgiveness. Psalm 51:17 says: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” Pray for willingness to give and take, willingness to change, and willingness to see another’s viewpoint. Pray that the believer will have an understanding spirit in place of a judgmental one. Pray that instead of looking for someone to blame in various situations he will be willing to say, “I am sorry,” or I was wrong.”

… will have a servant’s heart.

Pray this believer will be convinced of the Lord’s desire for him: that he be a servant of God and of his brothers in Christ. (Mk. 10:44-45)

… will build a Scriptural family.

Pray that the one for whom you are praying will look neither to the world nor to carnal Christians but to the word of God, and that he will fulfill his God-ordained place as head and spiritual leader of his home. Pray that his wife will be submissive and seek the Lord’s approval as did Sarah when she called Abraham, “Master” (1 Peter 3:6). Pray that as parents they will be firm, yet loving, realizing the absolute necessity of being godly models for their children. Pray that the husband and wife will maintain a balance among family, ministry, and job responsibilities (Ephesians 5:14 to 6:4), that all in the family will love each other with agape love, seeking the highest good for each other, rather than demanding their rights. Pray for those who are single that they will look to the Lord for his choice of a life partner; or pray that their lives will glorify God as singles.

… will become an effective prayer warrior.

Pray that the believer will have a vital and effective prayer life from a clean heart. It is absolutely necessary to keep short accounts with God. “If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me” (Psalm 66:18). See also 1 John 1:9. Pray that his praying will be Biblically based, specific, consistent, steadfast in the Spirit, in faith, and with understanding.

… will know God’s hand on him in physical and material things.

Pray that the one you are praying for will have the measure of health that will best glorify God. Pray that when set aside by ill health he will learn the lessons God has for him and draw upon divine resources. Pray also for safety in travel, financial provision in keeping with God’s plan for him, and proper use of the time and money God entrusts to him.

… will engage in prayerful worship.

To truly worship is to truly serve. Pray that the believer will not be on a treadmill of activity, substituting it for time with the Lord in true worship. Pray, too, that he will learn to praise the Lord, that he will give thanks for who he is in Christ, for spiritual growth, and for the fact that “God is a living God, he has spoken in the Bible; he means what he says, and will do all he has promised.” (J.H. Taylor)

… will be involved in an accountability team.

Pray that he will not be deceived into thinking that he can stand alone and grow spiritually. Pray that he will select a group, or at least one person who is spiritually mature and committed to walking with God, to whom he will be especially accountable and faithful in all areas of his life. Pray that this commitment will be characterized by openness, honesty and teachableness. Pray that above all he will recognize his accountability to God: “So then, everyone shall give an account of himself to God.” (Romans 14:12)

… will reach out to the unsaved.

Pray that others will love the lost as the Lord Jesus does and will reach out to a lost and dying world with the message of salvation. The Lord loved the unlovely and the destitute; his disciples should do no less. This love will best be communicated to the lost by a sacrificial sharing of the good news of Christ, sharing of themselves, and at times sharing materially with the hungry and needy. Pray that as God reveals his will as to the type and place of service at home or abroad, those who are his own will respond without hesitation.

(Thanks to Dr. Will Bruce, OMF. He has asked that this material be reserved for personal use only and not published for profit.)

Deepening your Walk as a Disciple

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In September, I was given the privilege to attend a training in Uganda. I, along with about 35 other workers mostly from countries in Africa, spent a little over a week learning and putting into practice some great tools for making disciples. The case studies of some of the disciple-making movements going on in our world today were almost hard to believe, they were so beautiful. Millions of people in places with many obstacles coming to know Jesus. After some of the sessions I would find myself motivated and ready to run, and after others I would question my faith and ability to stand to the task. I was blown away at the testimonies of those in attendance. Some of my fellow trainees were from countries like Sudan and Niger. Their heart to build the Kingdom was so passionate, even with the promise of severe persecution.

On two of the days, we were given a challenge to go out into the community and share our testimonies and use some of the tools we were learning. One of the groups that went out were able to find two open men that were actually baptized in the pool of the place we were staying! Amazing.

The final day was dedicated to vision casting and planning how to put in place some of the tools we learned. As my mind went from Uganda back to Bosnia, God stirred in my heart and gave me a glimpse of what He wants for the people in this place. He deeply desires the people of this land to know His love. I was reminded that prayer is the first and most effective tool we have to seeing a movement of God. We have since recommitted to extraordinary prayer here on the field. If you would like to join us in that, here is just one tool that can help you on that journey. We hope you will join us in bringing about the power of the Kingdom in this place!