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December 2015

Letting the Holy Spirit have free roam

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If we are honest, there are parts of our lives that we like to keep private. Private from our co-workers, our families, and yes, even God. Knowing that it is impossible to hide something from God doesn’t seem to stop me from attempting it at times.

When Adam and Eve sinned, God called for them and asked “Where are you?” God knew where they were, but He wanted them to know as well. He wanted them to know that they were lost.

When going through the Wesley questions, it is almost as if I can hear God saying, “Jon, where are you? Where is your heart? Where is your passion? Do you know?”

Allowing the Holy Spirit to permeate and bring light to all aspects of our lives can be hard and uncomfortable. It can make us aware of areas where we have been playing “hide and go seek” with God. It can show us areas where we need to grow in our relationship with God and in our discipleship walk. It is hard…but it is worth it.

I have found these questions are good ones to come back to periodically. Spiritual growth is not a one time thing, and these questions are a tool that I can use to check on my spiritual growth. I hope they can be an encouragement to you as well.

This Amazing Journey

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I remember the first few times I heard about “DMM.” Frankly, it sounded like some kind of “latest fad.” To be honest, I avoided tackling the material because, I justified, I was already involved in “ministry.” (What does that mean, exactly? I worked full-time in an office for a missions agency. And I’ve previously served overseas as a full-time missionary. But — how was I truly “ministering” now?) Truth be told, I was rationalizing. Because my job as president of a missions agency keeps me hopping, I guess I somehow thought I deserved a free pass — an exemption from being a “normal disciple maker.” After all, lots of our missionaries focused on church planting (all of them?). Didn’t that make me a disciple maker vicariously?

What’s more, the training for “DMM” (Disciple making movements) always seemed to take too long. And beyond that, it just seemed… too ethereal. I needed a way to get started — to get over the hump. I needed a way to “break it down” into bite-sized chunks that my racing mind could manage. I needed a compressed format — with uncompressed results.

The breaking point for me came in conjunction with a CHE course (CHE stands for Community Health Evangelism) at a megachurch in Indianapolis. Somehow, I ended up accepting the responsibility of facilitating the final day of the course, with a specific focus on how to take CHE methods/principles to the next level of disciple making. I could avoid the topic no longer. I dived in to Trousdale Watson, and Curtis Sergeant. And suddenly, I was hooked.

But what helped me more than anything was when a colleague suggested we just take it one “bite” at a time. Basically – 15 minutes per day. She agreed to brainstorm with me about this website and, before I knew it, she thought of the idea of an automated series of emails over the course of 30 days. The 30-Day Challenge was born. Others had followed similar paths. We were sure of it. But what made it different this time was that we owned it. We embraced the additional work of dissecting all the material into 30 “chunks.” And before we knew it, we had fallen in love with the principles, the practices and the potential for staging Discovery Bible Studies (DBSes, also known as three-thirds groups) with the hopes of launching Disciple Making Movements (DMM’s).

This journey… this amazing journey… will not be at all easy. Distractions will try to crowd it out of your life. You’ll need to make it a priority. Our hope is that, if you can keep it as a priority for 30 days, the habits will be somewhat ingrained for life. That’s our prayer. Because if we can just make these habits happen on a regular basis, we’re convinced we’ll start seeing local, regional, and global repercussions. And those repercussions will be epic in proportion.

So fasten your seatbelts — and get ready to see God’s power unleashed in your life. Welcome to the amazing journey that is the 30-Day Challenge at!

Starting a Discovery Bible Study

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This question came from a good friend today, asking how to get a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) started … How to launch the process of sharing Christ with an international student. Here was my response:

“Could we humbly suggest that you browse to

And sign up for the 30-day challenge? But even while you’re migrating through that, some of the training videos at the Training page might be helpful and fun for you since you’re asking this question. Especially, see this outline:

and see this content…

Some people start by telling their story, using the simple format at that page. Others start by telling GOD’s story, like this…

There are a couple of extra versions at the bottom of that page. I’m going through one of those… this one…

and memorizing it line by line now. It’s fun! : ) Either way, the idea is to steer the conversation toward spiritual conversations, exactly like you did. It’s like – the idea is to be intentional. See this page:

and see the article that’s mentioned there.

Now some people start to feel really icky about directing the conversation that way. I’m not sure why we do. Maybe because we feel like it’s not politically correct to do so. The video at…

was SUPER-helpful for me to get past that feeling (that it might not be politically correct), but I’m not sure how helpful it was for Tina – so … see for yourself what you think. Hope that helps you get started.

No matter what, ask 7 or 8 of your friends to start praying for the guy by name (you didn’t tell Tina his name?) and we’ll also pray for YOU (for real) as you share with him.”

Have you faced similar questions? What helped you .. or what HASN’T helped? Just click on the “comment” feature following this blog entry. We’d love to hear your story!