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December 2016

S1E22) WWDJD: “What Would a DJ Do,” featuring Lee Wood

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Here’s the 24th edition of, the podcast. Welcome. In this edition, we interview a specialist in Disciple Making Movement (DMM) principles AND we process that intro through the lense of “What do we DO about it?” And, in particular, we ask, “What would a DJ Do? (WWDJD) To learn more, just have a listen to this podcast — or take a look at this PDF handout about the case study. Thanks for being a part!


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S1E21) PayDay

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Mike Squires was a long-time missionary in West Africa, helping with a disciple making movement (DMM) effort that has achieved amazing results. By the end of November, 2016, after Mike’s team had been focusing on DMM principles for just 27 months, God had raised up over 650 souls to be baptized, worshiping in 187 groups or “simple churches,” banded together with a total of 2,000 in attendance in all. But this story, “Payback,” is the story of honoring Mike for paying the ultimate sacrifice — giving his LIFE for the Cause. (Mike died of a very serious infection sustained while working in West Africa, after having fought a seven-day battle in a local hospital there. Thank you, Mike Squires, and all those like you, who have given their lives for making disciples who make disciples.