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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 17

In an enthralling episode of ‘More Disciples Podcast’, guests were taken on a revelatory journey with the enigmatic Brian Sanders, founder of the Underground Network.

When asked about the vision of the Underground Network, Brian provided a potent response, revealing the heart of his ministry. His focus on the concept of “one body”, a connected yet diverse group of believers seeking to advance the kingdom of God, resonated powerfully. His conviction regarding believers working in synergy for the common purpose of disciple-making spoke of a transformative unity within the Church. Furthermore, his belief in empowering ‘the little guy’ with resources, vision, and encouragement to start ministries encapsulates the essence of servant leadership.

A critical focus of the conversation revolves around the concept of fear in leadership. Brian openly shares his struggles with public criticism and how it has affected his call to leadership. He acknowledges the challenge of staying true, vulnerable, and committed to your calling amidst fear and criticism.

Brian thoughtfully considers the question, “If he were not afraid, what would he do?” He responds with a vision for a Church united across the Tampa Bay area, with hundreds of organizations marshaling their resources for causes greater than themselves.

During the discussion, a profound insight emerged on the adaptability and resilience of the Church. Brian highlights the Church’s incredible adaptability across culture, place, and time, citing it as one of the best change agents in human history.

In the concluding moments of the conversation, Brian implies that our best days are not behind us but still lie ahead. Despite hardships and setbacks, the Church and its people continue to strive, adapt, and dream bigger dreams. Brian’s insightful reflections offer an invaluable perspective on the importance of unity and collaboration within the Church and provide a catalyst toward a more unified future.

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