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Are you looking for a powerful tool to help you rescue people from spiritual darkness?

In Doug Lucas’ latest work, he delves into the importance of prayer and intentional obedience in spreading the Gospel. Drawing from his years of experience in missions and church planting, Lucas offers powerful real-life stories paired with practical strategies for sharing the Gospel with those who desperately need to hear it.

With urgency and passion, Lucas invites the Church to join him in his mission to represent Jesus with both humility and boldness. He emphasizes the need to pray extraordinarily and shares his unbelievable true stories to help people grasp the importance of the Great Commission. Whether you are a seasoned missionary or just starting out in sharing your faith, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to make a real difference in the world.

Discover how the power of prayer and intentional obedience can transform lives and rescue people from darkness. With Lucas as your guide, you’ll be equipped to share the Gospel with confidence, grace, and love. Join the mission today!

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What People are Saying about the book, Rescue From Darkness

“In this booklet, Doug Lucas shares a series of pivotal events which helped shape his life and ministry. It is a great example of how God takes each of us, as a bit of sand, and lovingly lays down layer upon layer of Himself on us until we become beautiful pearls. A bit of Doug’s passion for the Lord and His Kingdom will surely rub off on you as you read these anecdotes.”

Curtis Sergeant
A disciple of Jesus

“Upon being saved from darkness, Jesus often sends us back to the darkness to save others. Rescue from Darkness is a compelling invocation about the transformative power of prayer, coupled with biblical references and real-life examples, intended to encourage persistent and expectant prayer. It’s a call to action, urging believers to prioritize prayer and pray for open doors and hearts for the Gospel. Rescue from Darkness is a hit.”

Larrie Fraley
Lead Missions Pastor Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ

“Having known Doug for a few decades now and having seen him up close and personal in many situations, I can attest to the character of the man behind the stories in this book. Doug cares about lost people and has dedicated his life to living on mission for the kingdom! His lifetime of lessons will challenge you to live out your own faith and prayer life in deeper ways! I highly recommend this book.”

Wade Landers
PhD Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO

“Doug Lucas has written a highly impactful, short-but-practical book that God can use to change the trajectory of our lives. He shares brief episodes from his amazing walk with Jesus, from God’s Word, the role of prevailing prayer, and from Christian pastors/writers. We are to fully focus on Christ, on God’s Kingdom to live solely for things eternal, for God’s glory, for the multiplication of disciples. Doug shares life lessons and truths to challenge us to yield fully, to believe God and to fervently pray, to nurture a growing faith that causes us to hunger daily for God, His will and eternal Kingdom. He calls upon us to see beyond our passing trials and testings and to see God working radical changes in the lives of many others. He dares us not to waste our lives on passing/ fleeting earthly matters when we are all called to make heavenly investments. Thank you Doug for sharing your life and for calling many others to be faithful, available stewards and laborers.”

Dr. Jonathan Miller, MD, MPH

Rescue from Darkness is a winsome book calling believers to be sold out in following Jesus.  Doug weaves together an engaging mix of Scripture, incredible personal stories, motivating quotes, and practical steps.  The title captures his double challenge – to engage in rescuing those out of darkness who have little access to Jesus and to draw believers out of the dim shadows of an aimless life into a bright place of hope, prayer, purpose, and action.  I came away from this book asking myself if I was going to use the few remaining years of life in ‘breeding spotted mice’ (read the book to find out about this) or invest my days in eternity?  Take up and read.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Dan Scribner
Executive Director, Joshua Project, Colorado Springs, CO

“I can’t think of a ministry that has informed my understanding and application of disciple making as effectively as Doug Lucas and Team Expansion. For more than three decades I’ve had a front row seat watching this ministry identify and hone best practices for the benefit of kingdom workers around the world. Doug is presenting a second offering in discipleship making outlining the practical and essential discipline of prayer.. It amazes me how much we kingdom workers talk about prayer, but we don’t embrace it’s power. For many prayer isn’t the meat and potatoes, it is the garnish on the plate and that is to our detriment. There are profound blessings and opportunities when we pursue the power of prayer in disciple making. As Doug writes, you can be confident it comes not just from the world of the philosophical, but of the practical. The disciplines are time tested are fruitful. Doug a friend, a mentor and an important voice in the work of reaching the nations.”

Todd Bussey
Ministry Development Pastor Christ’s Church Ministries, Jacksonville, FL

About the Author:

Doug Lucas

Doug Lucas founded Team Expansion ( in 1978 and, 45 years later, still serves as the organization’s President. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible, a master’s degree in Missions, an MBA, and a doctorate in Business Administration. Doug has been married to Penny since 1979. They have two grown sons and two granddaughters. Outside the office, Doug enjoys the 3-thirds groups he helps facilitate, playing soccer with 40 guys a lot younger than he is, playing keyboard in the worship team of his local church, and studying far-away galaxies and nebulae through the 11-inch telescope at Emerald Hills ( Since 1995, Doug has managed Brigada, a weekly resource for missionaries, and his first book, More Disciples, is designed to help believers discover how they and their believing communities can be more effective at multiplying disciples and churches. Team Expansion makes its home on a 61-acre prayer, retreat, and learning center in Louisville, Kentucky. It currently has more than 300 full-time workers in 50 countries who pray daily that God helps them make and multiply disciples among the unreached for His glory.

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