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Practice Prayer Walking

Spend today’s time practicing prayer walking. Consider 5 areas of influence on which to focus prayer:

  • Government
  • Business and Commerce
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Spirituality


Questions for Discussion from the Book, More Disciples

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The Revised and Enlarged Version of More Disciples (now available at Amazon) adds significant text, including Questions for Discussion. For the benefit of any who bought the "1.0" version of the…

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 20

| Day 20 | No Comments
This morning I did my SOAP study over 1 Timothy 1. My week at camp was spent studying 1 Timothy so I thought it would be a nice recap to…

Watson Scripture List

| Day 20, Day 22 | No Comments
David Watson is famous for urging that, when starting a disciple making movement in a new culture, one should always create lists of relevant and life-impacting scriptures for the discovery…

Day 20 – S.O.A.P.S.

| Day 20 | No Comments
So, my verses are Phil 2:5-8; which speaks of having the same "mindset as Christ."  The NIV used to say the that Jesus did not consider "equality with God something…

Day 20: SOAPS with an S

| Day 20 | No Comments
SOAPS is great.  I feel like the time I put into actually writing the verses that stuck out to me it helped me to focus a lot better.  Then when…

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 20

| Day 20 | One Comment
Day 20: SOAPS.  I am writing this just before bed and I just finished my SOAPS bible study on Luke 6.  I like this way of devotion because it provides…

Expectant Faith

| Day 01, Day 20 | No Comments
What God desires, according to His Word, is that we have "expectant faith," as if we could already SEE what He's bringing about, even before it comes to pass. If we…

“Do we Keep on Praying for the List of 25?”

| Day 08, Day 20 | No Comments
Today we received this question from a 30-Day Challenge Participant... "Hi! I am on day 8 of the challenge now and I had a really good experience on the prayer-walk day.…

Disciples Making Disciples: The Message

| Day 20 | One Comment
In this 30-minute presentation, Doug Lucas dares a college campus to initiate a disciple making movement throughout their student body. (This video was recorded during the student assembly at Kentucky…