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How to Spend an Hour in Prayer

See how easy it is to spend an hour in prayer.

*Thank you, Zúme, for providing the videos for the 30-Day Challenge. This video is only a small part of the great training that they offer for free. If you would like to learn more about Zúme, use this link: https://Zume.Training


  • What must you rearrange or stop doing in order to increase your prayer life?

Action Step

  • Share with a friend what you learned about praying for an hour and how you are looking forward to applying it.


If you would like to dig deeper into this topic, please use this link to access the Zúme training website:


Questions for Discussion from the Book, More Disciples

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The Revised and Enlarged Version of More Disciples (now available at Amazon) adds significant text, including Questions for Discussion. For the benefit of any who bought the "1.0" version of the…

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S1E10) Bryan King: #NoPlaceLeft in Tulsa

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George Patterson believes we should reach whole families at a time. He shows it in scripture. See if you believe him.

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Day 8: Love is honest

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Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 8

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“Do we Keep on Praying for the List of 25?”

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Heresy (Orthodoxy/Orthopraxy)

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Love Means Obedience

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Love means obedience. We see it in the life of Abraham. We see it again in Caleb, who said, "We CAN take this land -- if God is with us."…

Your experience with Coaching

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In the comments following this blog entry, please share something about your own experience getting coaching for doing DMM's.