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Your experience with Coaching

By December 3, 2015Day 08

In the comments following this blog entry, please share something about your own experience getting coaching for doing DMM’s.

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  • Sheri Thomas says:

    Thank you for your prayers this past week. It has been an exhausting week for many reasons. I believe that God provides the strength and energy to accomplish the tasks he has prepared for us each day. Despite your prayers and my best intentions, I have not been able to meet the requirements of the challenge this week. I’ve concluded that perhaps this is not the best time or method for me to make more disciples.

    That is not to say that I have not benefited or grown from signing up for the 30-day challenge. I am trying to reconcile my legalistic tendencies of wanting to do exactly what is asked of me in exactly the way it is presented with a deep soul-searching to determine what God is asking of me and following his lead. I absolutely agree that as disciples, we are called to make more disciples, but believe this must happen naturally and organically and can not be forced or imposed by a program, no matter how well designed or intended.

    I hope to complete the remainder of the challenge with a more balanced approach – doing what I can with the time and energy the God provides each day and gently letting go of the rest. I appreciate your continued prayers to help me discern when I need to let go. I don’t want to be guilty of dismissing an idea just because it is “out of my comfort zone” if it is something to which the Spirit is calling me.

    I’m pretty sure that the challenge is going to get harder as it progresses. A big part of me want to just quit, but for now I will try and stick with it one day at a time.”

    I have not quit, but I’m allowing myself a bit more leniency in following (or not following) the daily assignments. I made a list of people I encounter often, but couldn’t come up with 25 names. I am praying and listening for God’s prompting about with whom I might share my testimony, but have not yet contacted anyone directly. I have thought about writing out my story, but have not yet done so. I have not had opportunity to watch many of the videos – can not do this while at work and haven’t had access at home.

    So in many ways I still feel like I am failing the challenge, but I am learning from it and hope to be able to integrate the ideas presented in my own spiritual journey.

    Sheri Thomas

    • Doug Lucas says:

      Sheri, thanks for your honest and candid feedback. We appreciate the reality check. So sorry you didn’t have access to the videos at home. That would make it difficult. Honestly, the videos are a big part of absorbing the material. If you haven’t had access to those at home and can’t watch them at work, wow – it WOULD be difficult. How can we help you? Would it help if we transcribed more of the content from the videos? Or did you feel like the challenges were unrealistic?

    • Bethany says:

      Ms. Thomas,

      This is exactly how I feel and what I’ve been experiencing with the 30-day challenge. Thank you for helping me realize I’m not alone. I agree that disciple-making has to be organic and in God’s timing, even if it’s done with a well-designed program. Even the videos are good material to see these principles in action, but watching them is one more thing to do each day that can add to legalism. My prayers are with you.



  • Doug Lucas says:

    (Good response, Bethany!)