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Duckling Discipleship – Leading Immediately

Learn a simple pattern of making not just one follower of Jesus but entire spiritual families who multiply for generations to come.

*Thank you, Zúme, for providing the videos for the 30-Day Challenge. This video is only a small part of the great training that they offer for free. If you would like to learn more about Zúme, use this link: https://Zume.Training


  • What is one area of discipleship (reading/understanding the Bible, praying, sharing God’s Story, etc.) that you want to learn more about? Who is someone that could help you learn?
  • What is one area of discipleship that you feel you could share with others? Who is someone that you could share with?

Action Step

  • Share the concept of duckling discipleship with a friend. If they are further along in their walk, ask them to pray for you and your spiritual growth. If you are further along than them, ask them how you can help them grow and share one of the things that you have learned to help them.


If you would like to dig deeper into this topic, please use this link to access the Zúme training website:


Questions for Discussion from the Book, More Disciples

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