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Day 16: Person of Peace.  Today was busy.  We had camp kickoff at our church this morning so I helped with that during all 3 services.  We did a few things at home to get ready for this evening and then I lead my high school life group this evening.  It was our last group together so naturally it went extra long.

All of this didn’t leave much time to really consider this idea of a person of peace.  It is a new idea to me.  I mean, I had read that terminology in scripture in the passages assigned to us, but I had never really considered what that might mean to apply it to my life and my ministry today.  I am glad that part of the challenge today was to schedule a prayer walk and look for a person of peace, because I do want to be intentional about spending more time delving into this concept.  I am planning to complete a prayer walk on Saturday morning.  I am excited to see what comes of this intentional time of prayer and seeking.

PS: Don’t forget to be contacting the person on your prayer calendar.  This is something that I have sort of struggled to remember.  Another blogger wrote that he is putting his people into the calendar on his phone to help him remember, so I am planning to do that.

Nicole Pounds

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Hi! My name is Nicole Pounds. I am a full time Speech-Language Pathologist, a foster momma to two little boys, and an avid follower of Christ. I love to eat sushi and ice cream, go for walks, and play with our foster babies. I am passionate about the church, spreading the word of Christ, and foster care/adoption. I am glad you are here and hope you decide to take the 30 Day Challenge!

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