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SOAPS is great.  I feel like the time I put into actually writing the verses that stuck out to me it helped me to focus a lot better.  Then when I had to write them over it made me think through them.  Many times I just quickly go through my devotions just to get done and 10 minutes later I don’t even remember what I did.  This helps me to “chew” on the scripture a little better.  I then like that what we learn we are going to obey.  The guys on this sight mentioned the book “Contagious Disciplemaking” so I chose to start reading it.  One chapter was about how we show love to God by obeying.  What if we were obedient to everything we knew?  Instead we are obedient to only about 10% of what we know because we thought Christianity was about learning.  What if as we discipled people we taught them to obey everything they learned?  That they thought it was expected and normal to obey.  I like taking action based on what God revealed to me in scripture that day.
If we are going to make disciples who make disciples the last “S” is very important.  The last “S” is sharing.  If we share we are having to teach and know what we are sharing because there might be questions.  We will learn things we have to teach a lot more that if we just learn them.  I really love this acronym and have been using it with my boys.  I want to challenge them to write down the verses now as we are doing this so they can think through these things on their own and write down what they mean to them.  ⅔ the way done with the challenge.  Really enjoying it.  

Justin Schuiteman

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I am first of all a Jesus follower who is passionate about reaching the unreached, discipleship, and helping the hurting. I have an amazing wife, who is my best friend, and 4 children 4, 7, 13, & 14. 8 years ago God got a hold of us and life has not been the same since!

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