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This morning I did my SOAP study over 1 Timothy 1. My week at camp was spent studying 1 Timothy so I thought it would be a nice recap to go over it all with the SOAP method for the rest of the 30 day challenge. I had a free morning so I was really able to dig deeper into the word than I have been able to lately. It was awesome(: Coming out of my SOAP time I really feel like God might be calling me to talk with my grandmother about salvation before I leave for college. I know that my parents have tried in the past, but I really feel like this is something that I need to do. I can’t just live on knowing that she isn’t a follower of Christ and do nothing about it. I love her to much to not try. Once I share my heart with her I’ll know that I’ve done all I can. So prayers for my grandmother’s heart would be greatly appreciated in the days to come.

I also got to catch up with different people that I’ve been praying for throughout the challenge and see how they are doing. In addition, I nailed down the 2nd and 3rd meetings for my 5 people to share my story with from the Day 18 challenge and figured out my 5th person! She wasn’t originally on my list of 25, but she easily could be and through texting her today I really feel like she is the 5th person God would like me to share my testimony with.

I’ll leave you with the verse that resonated with me the most today from 1 Timothy 1:

The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

– 1 Timothy 1:5 –

Hannah Sheppeck

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Hey I'm Hannah! I'm an 18 year old getting ready to begin my freshman year of College as an Electronic Arts - Video Studies major. I love painting and being creative, playing Just Dance with my two little sisters, and eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream while having heart to hearts with my friends. I'm passionate about advancing the Gospel and sharing the love of Christ. I believe we all have a part to play in the Great Commission now matter how young, old, or inadequate we all might be and I'm excited to begin this disciple making journey!

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