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March 2016

From Brokenness to Blessing

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She was sitting alone on a rock with a faraway look in her eye. Children were playing not far from her, picking up and bringing her sticks, shiny rocks, colorful weeds and other treasures only children have eyes to spot.  We walked up to her, and just briefly she seemed startled out of her reverie as we greeted her calmly but warmly, introduced ourselves and asked how we could simply pray for her.

It was the simplest of interchanges. We’d barely exchanged our names, let alone begun to unpack each other’s stories. But it became clear this was someone God had put in our path, and He knew what He was doing as we took simple steps of obedience, imitating the Good Shepherd who intently seeks out lost sheep far from the fold. This young mother’s story of brokenness would not be what carried the day as we struck up a friendship with her and prayed God’s blessing and mercy over her.

What most deeply impacted both her and us was her total and immediate confidence that God Himself had sent us to her to encourage her and strengthen her to stay on a path, for her own sake and the sake of her children, a path that had moved her from the East coast to the Midwest to escape a life of addiction. She shared with us her number, shared very specific ways to pray for her, and had the children come meet us, telling them God had sent us to pray for the family.

Maybe not every prayerwalk holds such immediate and meaningful interactions. But why not ask for them, seek them and anticipate them? We are, after all, sent out by the very One who knows the number of hairs on each head, the needs and hurts of each heart, and who rejoices and celebrates in each lost sheep, each son and daughter found and brought home.

– – – – – – –

Scriptures that come to mind:

“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? … Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.'” Luke 15:4, 6

“From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.” Acts 17:26-27

How do we share Good News with Muslims?

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Following a recent webinar by Curtis Sergeant, a participant, Ken, asked, “There are many Muslim immigrants in the USA these days. What can local church members do to share the hope and help of the Good News with these new neighbors?”

Curtis answered, “My current favorite generic approach for sharing with Muslims is called the ‘Any 3’ approach.  It was developed by Mike Shipman in Indonesia.  It is best viewed not primarily as a Muslim evangelism tool (although it can serve that purpose) but as a filtering tool to help identify persons of peace.  You can Google the term.  There is also a book on it by that title.”

[Note: Grab the whole approach, compressed in a handy PDF, here: ]

Online Trainings in other Languages

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After a recent webinar, Judy asked, “Are there any online trainings in disciple making available in French?”

I have French versions of the booklet we use in our first level training events.  You might poke around on to see if they have something.  (I don’t think they will but you could check.)  You might also check with City Team.  They do quite a bit of training in West Africa and might have something.

Why the recent shift away from church attendance?

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“How do you think the recent shift away from church attendance in developed, “Christianized” nations is connected to our dissatisfaction with present maturity in disciples? Are people just looking for a better way to be the church?”

Curtis Sergeant answered, “I don’t know.  I can think of several possible interactions between these two factors.  It is probably a combination of multiple aspects.  An organization of consumers is going to stagnate eventually.  Existing members are going to become dissatisfied if their lives are not being changed.  Non-members are not going to be attracted if members’ lives are not being changed.”

How to Remember Prayer Requests

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During a recent webinar, a participant asked, “Is there some easy way to remember major themes in praying for individuals?”

We’re just brainstorming here — but, if the disciple maker carries a small calendar or notebook (e.g., a “Day-timer”), why not set aside a special page or section in back. And if the disciple maker carries a smartphone (e.g., an iPhone), why not use a “note” or a page in an app like Evernote? That way, one can always go back to it as needed. Microsoft recently made OneNote completely free to all. It allows for tabs, and pages within those tabs. Set up a system that works for you and you’ll be in business in no time.

Learn more about OneNote here:

Paradigm Shift

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To do DMM, one has to change so many norms — honestly… it’s a game-changer. If you don’t believe it, watch “Paradigm Shifts,” another video in the Engage Africa: Through disciple making movements video series produced by Tekmerion Productions, made possible by Final Command Ministries, in cooperation with CityTeam International. (Thanks to Jerry Trousdale for sharing these with


Networks and Fractals

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Once ‘simple churches’ start to multiply, how do they relate to one another? What does a movement look like, practically? And how are these various “three-thirds groups” or DBSes accountable to one another, if at all? What’s more, what does it look like once a movement spreads across an entire region? Those are the tough questions Curtis Sergeant addresses in the video below.

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Expectant Faith

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What God desires, according to His Word, is that we have “expectant faith,” as if we could already SEE what He’s bringing about, even before it comes to pass. If we can muster that kind of faith, we will not only be very optimistic about the future, but, in addition, we’ll be excited about the present. Here’s Curtis Sergeant, trainer in launching disciple making movements, explaining what all this would mean:

“Do we Keep on Praying for the List of 25?”

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Today we received this question from a 30-Day Challenge Participant…

“Hi! I am on day 8 of the challenge now and I had a really good experience on the prayer-walk day.

I have a few questions: Should I keep on praying for the 25 people on the list every day (or was this just for that specific day). Another question; Should I study Mat.5, 6 and 7 every day of the challenge and also 4 different verses each day? Maybe stupid questions but I just want to make sure I do everything correct, and not miss out on anything the Lord has for me.

Blessings, [name withheld  as a courtesy]   (from the Netherlands)

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


We answered this participant like this:

[name withheld  as a courtesy ], it was great to hear from you. Congratulations on making it to the 8th day. Keep up the good work, brother.

You asked about the list of 25. This was meant to be a one-time assignment overall, but it WOULD be great to go back and look over the list of 25 occasionally. For example, on your email for TOMORROW, we actually suggest that you pull out that list of 25 and go through it to find someone special. You’ll see that tomorrow.

As for the readings, trainers do recommend that we read 4 to 5 chapters daily — although it wouldn’t have to Matt. 5,6, and 7 EVERY day. But for the “SOAPS” assignment, the sermon on the mount just really works well. See the discussion on Day 20:

You’re doing everything great, brother. Keep it up.



A Serious Calling to Missions

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What does it mean to be ‘called’ to missions? How do we know when we’ve been called? Some missions experts say a calling is simply becoming aware of a need — then knowing we can do something about it. In this video by Curtis Sergeant, you’ll hear about a Chinese house church movement who took a calling seriously. What about you? How seriously are YOU willing to take a calling from the Lord?

Becoming a Disciple Worth Multiplying

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You might remember that, on Day 3, we talked about becoming a disciple worth multiplying. The idea is simple, actually: If we’re going to make a copy of something, we need to find the best original possible.

Recently, I was told that Ying Kai started each of his days with a 3-hour prayer time. Humbling. Sobering. And inspiring. When we discussed this idea previously, we referred you to a video about Abraham by Curtis Segeant, a Trainer in multiplication concepts. It’s worth watching the video again, below.

How Big is Your God?

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Do you put God in a box? How big is your box?

Curtis Sergeant fears that we ALL put God is a box sometimes. He also holds that ALL of us can do some enlarging of that box (and some searching for a deeper bottom). Listen as he explains.

Love like Hell Loves

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Where I grew up (in rural southern Indiana), when the ambulance siren is heard coming from Seymour or Brownstown, we all would begin to wonder, “Who needs the ambulance?” It was a really big deal. We were a small town. Everybody would come out by the fence to see the flashing lights and try to track where they were headed. An emergency was a huge deal. Now, in the big cities where many of us live, ambulances chase by night and day and we never pay attention. They’ve become part of the background noise of life.

Could it be that THAT is part of the reason why many of us aren’t as involved in making more disciples? … because we let distractions and the busy pace of life choke out the feeling that we’re living in the midst of an emergency. But the Bible is clear. Hell is real. Punishment is real. Death is real. Listen as Curtis Sergeant encourages us to “love like Hell loves.”


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Does church growth always happen in predictable patterns, along predictable lines, in predictable sequences? Not necessarily, says Curtis Sergeant, trainer in DMM principles. Nature would tend to agree. Check out the Gulin Mountains  in the header picture above. See how there are beautiful patterns which appear, at first, regular and symmetric, but, upon further study, can sometimes be wildly random. Listen as he explains his position about disciple making movements (DMM) — and think about the examples you’ve studied in God’s word. Can you remember instances in which people became disciples in nonsequential ways?