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Prayer Walking isn’t new. But the idea of prayer walking as evangelism is perhaps just a bit more of a recent development. Listen as Jon R. and Doug L. share their perspectives.

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  • Jeff Shadowen says:

    Hi Doug & Jon,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your insights into prayer walking here. We serve as part of a team that are working to reach the Basque people of northern Spain. Beginning this Friday, we will begin to visit different nearby towns to prayer walk and ask God for persons of peace. Our ministry strategy is a discipleship multiplying movement. We have three families located in three different yet “nearby” towns. We are to the point, as a team, where we are ready to move farther out in our praying and searching. I especially appreciated your idea of potentially asking people there for a need for which we could pray. I would probably not do that with just anyone, but if God should bring us into that type of situation, to pray and ask God for a miracle would be an excellent opportunity to allow God to do just that. Hal Lehman passed this on to us. Thanks again.
    Love always thru Christ our Lord, JEFF

    • Doug Lucas says:

      Great to hear, Jeff. You will not go wrong using this strategy. It is a fundamental piece now in all these DMM approaches. In fact, without it, they just don’t seem to take off. Wow — so glad to hear of your work. Don’t forget that we’re also blessed with a fantastic translation team which is now migrating this site to Spanish. So if you can find some ‘persons of peace,’ they could start the 30-day challenge in Spanish too. About a year from now, the resources at should come online in Spanish too — and that will be a great help for *groups* who want to study DMM principles together as well. Keep up the good work — and keep commenting about your progress please.