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What does it mean to be ‘called’ to missions? How do we know when we’ve been called? Some missions experts say a calling is simply becoming aware of a need — then knowing we can do something about it. In this video by Curtis Sergeant, you’ll hear about a Chinese house church movement who took a calling seriously. What about you? How seriously are YOU willing to take a calling from the Lord?

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  • a grubb says:

    I was enjoing watching the called to Burma video with Curtis Sergeant & exactly 6minutes & 34 seconds into it…the video stopped. I got out & went back in & all all you saw was that little circle that goes around & around buffering itself. I was all into it & now can’t see he end.I checked my internet & is fine. He weather is good outside so, don’t know why I can’t see the end of it. 🙁 Can you please tell me the end of the video. Ty.

  • a grubb says:

    Never mind…..I got it now to work. Ty