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Here’s the 24th edition of, the podcast. Welcome. In this edition, we interview a specialist in Disciple Making Movement (DMM) principles AND we process that intro through the lense of “What do we DO about it?” And, in particular, we ask, “What would a DJ Do? (WWDJD) To learn more, just have a listen to this podcast — or take a look at this PDF handout about the case study. Thanks for being a part!


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Doug Lucas

Author Doug Lucas

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  • Nick says:

    SO good. Thanks for interviewing Lee. We are both involved in this movement and he is the real deal.

  • Doug Lucas says:

    Nick, thanks for speaking up. Admittedly, some might be skeptical were it not for eyewitness testimony like yours. The outcomes there are so exceptional. Please keep up the good “DJ” work. : ) Thanks again.

  • Doug Lucas says:

    Just received this very encouraging note from “Sharon:”

    “Wow!! Inspiring,Uplifting,Emotionally Encouraging!!”

    Sharon, thanks for the encouragement. We hope and pray the recording can help empower someone, somewhere, to multiply disciples all the more.

  • Thank you for producing this. Hopefully it will result in a lot of folks wanting to participate in Zume. Doug, I’m glad you got the chance to meet Lee.

  • Doug Lucas says:

    Curtis, it was an honor to work with him on this. Just hope God can use it in spite of our shortcomings. I’m still reeeeeeally new to the whole audio/tech/podcasting world, and I bet Eric would claim to be even newer. : ) So all we can do is try hard and hope that God can make up for the shortcomings.

  • Doug Lucas says:

    This just in from Rob Jankowski, the new lead pastor of the New Hope Christian Church in Whitestown, IN.
    “Your podcast is great!
    I LOVED the interview with Lee. Great work. Thanks for sharing it!

    Rob Jankowski | Lead Minister
    New Hope Christian Church

    Rob, Bless you for encouraging. The truth is, we are humbled at the chance to serve Him, you, and the broader array of churches worldwide.

  • Bob Gibson says:

    I too, am a product of the local church in the U.S. and have been encouraged to bring’m to church. Your have given a great example of a “doer” who has followed the order to “go”. The path of our obedience has got to be,
    start with prayer and follow the commands. —BG

  • Doug Lucas says:

    Outstanding, Bob. Thanks so much for your encouragement. We’re really excited about it too.

  • Jim Derry says:

    Thank you Doug and Eric for the interview with Lee and then posting it so I can share his testimony with so many who do not feel adequate enough to take the Gospel to the lost. This will be an awesome tool for me to use in training small group leaders in SC

  • Doug Lucas says:

    Thanks to Larry, from One Mission Society, who wrote yesterday, “Thanks for passing this along. It was inspiring, encouraging, and convicting all at the same time. What a great story of what God is doing. I will pass it along to others I know who I feel will be encouraged as well.”

  • jim b says:

    super inspiring but also practically instructive. this helped me to reorient myself in a few areas where i tend to get off course in our aim to activate DMM in our part of the balkans. btw, doug, what was the conference in CA? thanks for getting Lee to talk and share.

  • Doug Lucas says:

    Hi Jim B! It was “Finishing the Task” conference. Quite a gathering of practitioners, stats guys, prayer warriors and more. David Garrison was there, along with Curtis Sergeant, Lee, and hundreds of others. Thanks for the encouragement and for taking time to respond.

  • Ted Bjorem says:

    Being willing to be a living sacrifice… in a “success oriented world”.
    Leaned so late the joy of continual /constant prayer and starting each day with, “Lord what do you want to do through me today?”
    Keep on keeping on…………………

  • LeAnn says:

    What a convicting – and encouraging – challenge!!

    A co-worker wrote: GREAT podcast, THANKS! I listened to it eagerly.
    A few things that I got from the podcast:
    1. Keep doing what you are doing – you’ll get better at it.
    2. Keep reading scripture and doing whatever Jesus tells you to do.
    3. Lee admitted he’s ‘screwed-up’ through the process Humility~!!!
    4. Keep training trainers.
    5. PRAY!!!!!!