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This question came from a good friend today, asking how to get a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) started … How to launch the process of sharing Christ with an international student. Here was my response:

“Could we humbly suggest that you browse to

And sign up for the 30-day challenge? But even while you’re migrating through that, some of the training videos at the Training page might be helpful and fun for you since you’re asking this question. Especially, see this outline:

and see this content…

Some people start by telling their story, using the simple format at that page. Others start by telling GOD’s story, like this…

There are a couple of extra versions at the bottom of that page. I’m going through one of those… this one…

and memorizing it line by line now. It’s fun! : ) Either way, the idea is to steer the conversation toward spiritual conversations, exactly like you did. It’s like – the idea is to be intentional. See this page:

and see the article that’s mentioned there.

Now some people start to feel really icky about directing the conversation that way. I’m not sure why we do. Maybe because we feel like it’s not politically correct to do so. The video at…

was SUPER-helpful for me to get past that feeling (that it might not be politically correct), but I’m not sure how helpful it was for Tina – so … see for yourself what you think. Hope that helps you get started.

No matter what, ask 7 or 8 of your friends to start praying for the guy by name (you didn’t tell Tina his name?) and we’ll also pray for YOU (for real) as you share with him.”

Have you faced similar questions? What helped you .. or what HASN’T helped? Just click on the “comment” feature following this blog entry. We’d love to hear your story!


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