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In September, I was given the privilege to attend a training in Uganda. I, along with about 35 other workers mostly from countries in Africa, spent a little over a week learning and putting into practice some great tools for making disciples. The case studies of some of the disciple-making movements going on in our world today were almost hard to believe, they were so beautiful. Millions of people in places with many obstacles coming to know Jesus. After some of the sessions I would find myself motivated and ready to run, and after others I would question my faith and ability to stand to the task. I was blown away at the testimonies of those in attendance. Some of my fellow trainees were from countries like Sudan and Niger. Their heart to build the Kingdom was so passionate, even with the promise of severe persecution.

On two of the days, we were given a challenge to go out into the community and share our testimonies and use some of the tools we were learning. One of the groups that went out were able to find two open men that were actually baptized in the pool of the place we were staying! Amazing.

The final day was dedicated to vision casting and planning how to put in place some of the tools we learned. As my mind went from Uganda back to Bosnia, God stirred in my heart and gave me a glimpse of what He wants for the people in this place. He deeply desires the people of this land to know His love. I was reminded that prayer is the first and most effective tool we have to seeing a movement of God. We have since recommitted to extraordinary prayer here on the field. If you would like to join us in that, here is just one tool that can help you on that journey. We hope you will join us in bringing about the power of the Kingdom in this place!

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