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I had just finished filing the paperwork for my new passport at the courthouse when I spotted my friend from high school. Surprised and curious to see him, I asked a normal question “Hey, what are you doing here?”

He shared how he had to come to the courthouse to sign up for some training that was going to be offered soon. He didn’t want to do it, but it was required if he was going to stay married and stay connected with his kids.

As he shared the struggles that he was facing, my thought went to how Jesus could help him in so many ways. During a break in the conversation, I began to share with him some struggles that I had faced in my life, and how that had changed when I came to Jesus.

As I shared with my friend about Jesus, I wasn’t thinking about me, I was thinking about him. I was thinking about how much Jesus loved him and wanted to rescue him.

If you find yourself self conscious or nervous about sharing, please know that the more you share, the more comfortable you can become at sharing, and the more that you can focus on the person hearing instead of yourself, the one sharing.

Jon Ralls

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