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How Do I Start? With One.

By January 20, 2016Day 14

I remember the night when I stood out on my balcony and looked at a city of nearly six million lost souls. Throughout the city I could see red lights in different people’s homes where they had set up altars to worship their ancestors. The reality of so many people destined for a Christless eternity hit hard, and I remember wondering “how do I start?”

How do you see six million souls come to Jesus? Start with one.

Sometimes we can get so caught up with the end, with what we hope to see Jesus do in our family, our city, our country, that we forget to see the value of one. As we invest in one soul it has a ripple effect throughout eternity.

Whether slowly or fast, one becomes two. Two becomes four, and a movement begins.

It is good to have a vision of what we hope God to do. It is beneficial to think and strategize about what might be. I can’t though get so caught up with the end that I fail to see the beginning…one person.

Invest in a few individuals and allow God to bless and begin a movement.  May God move in mighty ways!

Jon Ralls

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