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“Do we Keep on Praying for the List of 25?”

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Today we received this question from a 30-Day Challenge Participant…

“Hi! I am on day 8 of the challenge now and I had a really good experience on the prayer-walk day.

I have a few questions: Should I keep on praying for the 25 people on the list every day (or was this just for that specific day). Another question; Should I study Mat.5, 6 and 7 every day of the challenge and also 4 different verses each day? Maybe stupid questions but I just want to make sure I do everything correct, and not miss out on anything the Lord has for me.

Blessings, [name withheld  as a courtesy]   (from the Netherlands)

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We answered this participant like this:

[name withheld  as a courtesy ], it was great to hear from you. Congratulations on making it to the 8th day. Keep up the good work, brother.

You asked about the list of 25. This was meant to be a one-time assignment overall, but it WOULD be great to go back and look over the list of 25 occasionally. For example, on your email for TOMORROW, we actually suggest that you pull out that list of 25 and go through it to find someone special. You’ll see that tomorrow.

As for the readings, trainers do recommend that we read 4 to 5 chapters daily — although it wouldn’t have to Matt. 5,6, and 7 EVERY day. But for the “SOAPS” assignment, the sermon on the mount just really works well. See the discussion on Day 20:

You’re doing everything great, brother. Keep it up.



A Serious Calling to Missions

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What does it mean to be ‘called’ to missions? How do we know when we’ve been called? Some missions experts say a calling is simply becoming aware of a need — then knowing we can do something about it. In this video by Curtis Sergeant, you’ll hear about a Chinese house church movement who took a calling seriously. What about you? How seriously are YOU willing to take a calling from the Lord?

Becoming a Disciple Worth Multiplying

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You might remember that, on Day 3, we talked about becoming a disciple worth multiplying. The idea is simple, actually: If we’re going to make a copy of something, we need to find the best original possible.

Recently, I was told that Ying Kai started each of his days with a 3-hour prayer time. Humbling. Sobering. And inspiring. When we discussed this idea previously, we referred you to a video about Abraham by Curtis Segeant, a Trainer in multiplication concepts. It’s worth watching the video again, below.

How Big is Your God?

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Do you put God in a box? How big is your box?

Curtis Sergeant fears that we ALL put God is a box sometimes. He also holds that ALL of us can do some enlarging of that box (and some searching for a deeper bottom). Listen as he explains.

Love like Hell Loves

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Where I grew up (in rural southern Indiana), when the ambulance siren is heard coming from Seymour or Brownstown, we all would begin to wonder, “Who needs the ambulance?” It was a really big deal. We were a small town. Everybody would come out by the fence to see the flashing lights and try to track where they were headed. An emergency was a huge deal. Now, in the big cities where many of us live, ambulances chase by night and day and we never pay attention. They’ve become part of the background noise of life.

Could it be that THAT is part of the reason why many of us aren’t as involved in making more disciples? … because we let distractions and the busy pace of life choke out the feeling that we’re living in the midst of an emergency. But the Bible is clear. Hell is real. Punishment is real. Death is real. Listen as Curtis Sergeant encourages us to “love like Hell loves.”


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Does church growth always happen in predictable patterns, along predictable lines, in predictable sequences? Not necessarily, says Curtis Sergeant, trainer in DMM principles. Nature would tend to agree. Check out the Gulin Mountains  in the header picture above. See how there are beautiful patterns which appear, at first, regular and symmetric, but, upon further study, can sometimes be wildly random. Listen as he explains his position about disciple making movements (DMM) — and think about the examples you’ve studied in God’s word. Can you remember instances in which people became disciples in nonsequential ways?

Leadership Cells: Start a movement

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There are various kinds of small groups. In this 3-minute video, Trainer Curtis Sergeant explains how you can use “Leadership Cells” (three-thirds groups made up mostly of leaders who ‘get the process.” Try it. See if you can catch the strategy.

Jesus Was a Bad Marketer

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That’s the opinion of trainer, Curtis Sergeant, anyway. In the video below, Curtis points to the “upside down” nature of many of Jesus’ teachings. He emphasizes knowledge somewhat, but obedience a LOT. He basically asks us to give up the WORLD to follow HIM. But please watch the entire 11 minutes. We believe by the time you get to the end, you’ll be ready to follow Him too.

Help YOUR Church figure out How to Make More Disciples

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If you tuned in with Curtis Sergeant for our webinar at noon on Feb. 24, it will come as no shock that Curtis shared a LOT of information. Looking for written summary? So were a lot of others! Well guess what: Elisha is here to serve you! Forgot about the Eastern Time zone thing and mised it? No problem. Elisha’s got your back! Here’s a rough copy of her notes from the meeting. (Thanks Elisha!)



Free “Engage” Curriculum

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Some people like to have a curriculum for their discovery Bible study (DBS or three-thirds group). If that’s you, try this free curriculum from CityTeam. Just click on each bullet point, then right-click and choose, from the context menu, “Save as…” to save the PDF on your hard drive.

This isn’t a “classic” three-thirds group curriculum, in that there is a more finely-tuned plan, but it might be a great ‘bridge’ to a full three-thirds vision, especially if you’re helping a church adapt its existing small groups over to a full-on three-thirds process.

Heresy (Orthodoxy/Orthopraxy)

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When considering the efficacy of Kingdom movements, some people pose questions and concerns about heresy? How can we be sure new converts remain true to the word? Curtis explains that, even in traditional church planting, heresies arrive. He also explains why Kingdom Movements might actually be LESS prone to heresy. Check it out:

Being Part of Two Churches

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Many people ask, “How does rapid growth take place in these Kingdom movements?” One of the genius concepts behind these movements is the simple idea that every member needs to be willing to serve as part of two churches: The ‘home’ church or group, as well as a NEW group that each member is also starting. It’s like a river splitting many times over as it forms its delta. Sound confusing? Curtis explains:

Prayer Walking Tips

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There are many purposes one can pursue while prayer-walking, but for the purposes of the 30-Day Challenge, we’re hoping participants can be involved in …

  • Building relationships in the community in which you hope to multiply disciples
  • Discerning prayer needs
  • Asking God to begin working directly within the hearts of your new friends
  • What we’re doing is asking God, through prayer, to help us communicate the gospel. In this 3-minute video, Jon and Doug share how God can work through prayer to make that happen.

Here are some tips you can use to get started:

  • Schedule the time. If you don’t put a prayer walk on the schedule, you’ll rarely take one.
  • Plan the route.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • As a general rule, don’t stop walking to pray. There might be exceptions, for example, if you walk past a vista or a particular view of the community as a whole. Praying for the neighborhood from a mountain top is a very meaningful experience.
  • Pray with your eyes open as you walk. To outsiders your prayer walk should look like two people talking as they walk through a neighborhood.
  • Take a camera (or use your phone). You may want to take a couple of pics as you walk to include in your prayer updates. Obviously, be sensitive to those who might not want to be in your picture!
  • Take a notebook. When God tells you something, stop at a bench or in a coffee shop and write it down. You don’t want to forget it.

What do you pray? Curtis Sergeant articulates one line of thinking quite well in this little video, “Eyes to See where the Kingdom Isn’t.” He talks about creating a ‘map’ of the spiritual centers in a particular neighborhood or region. The ‘gaps’ between those centers are the places where the Kingdom isn’t… the “lost sheep,” one might say.

Here are some activities common to prayer walking

  • Praise: Glorify God and offer up praise to Him as you walk. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. God’s presence fills the area when we praise and the demons flee.
  • Prayer: God can do anything He wants but He chooses to use the prayers of Christians as the vessel for releasing His power in the spiritual realm.
  • Proclamation: Share the gospel with those the Spirit puts in your place.

Check out Curtis Sergeant’s “Eyes to See” video for more ideas.

Self-feeding: Persecution

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Interestingly (in a dark sort of way), in addition to finding links to prayer, researchers of Kingdom movements have also found links to persecution. In other words, in the vast majority of rapidly-growing movements toward Christ, believers were experiencing persecution because of their decision to follow Jesus. Curtis explains:

Self-Feeding: Prayer

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Researchers have observed that no Kingdom movement has yet happened in all history without being preceded by extraordinary prayer. What’s more, a disciple worth multiplying always seems to be a person who excels in prayer. Listen as Curtis explains.

Persons of Peace

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Jesus told his disciples that if they came across a house which welcomed them, to grant their blessing on that house — and let your peace reside there. DMM trainers often instruct us to look for those whom God has prepared… those who welcome us to help them transform both personally, as well as corporately. Listen as Curtis Sergeant explains.

Relational Stewardship

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Trainers in the art of launching disciple making movements often speak about a concept known as “relational stewardship.” The idea is — no one, regardless of his or her relationship with Christ, lives 100% of the time for the Lord, with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength. So EVERYONE can use encouragement and upbuilding. Check out this explanation by Curtis Sergeant.

Love Means Obedience

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Love means obedience. We see it in the life of Abraham. We see it again in Caleb, who said, “We CAN take this land — if God is with us.” Hebrews 11, that great “hall of faith” chapter, is FULL of people who demonstrated immediate, radical, costly obedience (IRCO). Listen as Curtis Sergeant describes it.

David Garrison wrote the book on CPM’s

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Garrison-head_shotIn many ways, much of our thinking about disciple making movements (DMM’s) traces back to David Garrison’s research on church planting movements (CPM’s).  Read his book, entitled, appropriately enough, Church Planting Movementshere. (We’re grateful that he subscribes to the axiom, “Freely you have received, freely you should give.” Thanks to Dr. David Garrison for his willingness to give away his research for the good of the Kingdom.)

David Garrison: Amazing Global Growth

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Brigada asked, “Is this the most encouraging video of the decade?” The talk in question is this one (below), by Dr. David Garrison. He delivered it at Finishing the Task 2015 at Saddleback Church. Many considered it the most exciting address of the entire conference. Check it out for yourself.

Penn Jillette: Proselytizer

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We feature this video by Penn Jillette on the main page for Day 17, “The Basis for Disciplemaking.” We include it again here, in this post, so it will show up in the ‘blog’ index with all the other videos. It features Penn Jillette, an avowed atheist, explaining how he viewed a person who handed him a Bible. Although Penn remained an atheist, he actually ended up respecting the “proselytizer” more because his act of giving the Bible represented true care and concern. In fact he essentially adds, “If you see a Mack truck heading for a guy in the street, but the guy won’t listen to you, even though he doesn’t believe the truck is coming, as it gets closer, there comes a point that you finally just tackle the guy to push him out of the way. If you truly believe I’m headed to a literal place called Hell, and if Hell is as bad as you say, how much do you have to hate me not to tell me about it? So now, as I think this through, I actually have deep respect for the Proselytizers. And now, I have little to no respect for those who keep silent. THEY are the hypocrites.” Insightful. Provocative. Take a listen for yourself:

How to Get Your Church Involved in Disciplemaking

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Interview with Harry Brown, trainer and leader of disciple making movements and individuals like David Watson (author of Contagious Disciplemaking), Jerry Trousdale (author of Miraculous Movements) and Richard Williams (author of Discipleship Principles to Transform the Church).


How to Get Your Church Involved in Disciple Making

  • We value what we can measure or celebrate. We need an advocacy to measure what God is doing and celebrate it so others are excited


What is a disciple?

  • Being a Disciple is about being a life-long learner. But learning is nothing without doing so I think that is is fair to say that being a Disciple is about being a life-long practitioner.
  • Powerful distinction between being a Believer in Jesus and a Follower of Jesus
    • The distinction is rooted in the Gospel you respond to
      • A ‘Gospel of Salvation’ produces Believers who get heaven and miss hell
      • A ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ produces Followers who seek to obey the King in everything.
    • The reality in the spiritual realm is that, “What You Win Them With is What You Win Them To.’
      • If you came to Jesus for His free gift of salvation you think and act differently than if you responded to His call to embrace the cross and die daily.


How to Make a Disciple

  • For a disciple making movement to happen, the first thing we need is to have a disciple worth multiplying.
  • This is all about transferring good DNA
  • The role of a Good Father is to raise a Good Son who will become a Good Father
  • The key is that you are not just Saved From Something – Saved For Something
    • The universal assignment to bring the Kingdom of God into your Circle of Influence!
  • The game changer here is that Jesus’ plan would center on ordinary people
  • The new world order would have the common man at the center and the learned professionals on the fringe
  • I have told anyone who would listen through out my 40+ years of professional ministry that I am the exception not the rule. If God’s plan depended on full-time Christian workers, there would be no way to complete the mission because they are too few and cost too much to ever get the job done.
  • What Jesus was pointing to was the ‘Miracle of Multiplication’ which is illustrated in the Parable of the Sower
    • ¾ of the seed was lost
    • But the seed that found good ground multiplied 30/60/100 times
    • The unstoppable power is that each of those seeds has the potential for 30/60/100!


  • We are in a war that can only be won by soldier changing sides. Our job is not to eliminate the lost by getting them saved, our job is to enlist them as followers who repeat the process with others.
  • Obedience Based Reproductive Discipleship – Though we might not all have the GIFT of evangelism, we’ve all been commanded to EVANGELIZE and thereby MULTIPLY disciples.
  • Teaching them to obey is about learning to die every day
  • Mosaic World View.’ What that means is that I see the world not in terms of geography, language or culture but as a collection of interconnected affinity groups.
    • These affinity groups all represent various segments of society
    • The untapped power of the Great Commission is for the Gospel to ripple from one segment to another where people crossover.
      • Firehouse illustration: Unity within Diversity while on the job but each one represents a ‘gateway’ to a segment when they go home.
    • Headline Statement: To have an honest conversation about completing the Great Commission, you have to focus on ordinary people multiplying disciples in their natural networks of friends and family.
    • ‘Gateway People’ (entry point to a segment in Scripture)
      • Lydia (Acts 16) – Wealthy Merchant
      • Zaccheaus (Luke 19)
      • Nicademus (Jn. 3)
    • 1 Cor. 11:1 “Follow me as I follow Christ” embodies the spirit of the concept. It forms a picture where I am reaching back to help those behind me but also reaching forward to receive the help I need.
    • The other dimension is about ‘getting better together’.
      • The New Testament is full on ‘one another’ passages that range from ‘love one another’ to ‘admonish one another’ to ‘stimulate one another’ to love and good deeds.
      • This can happen to a small degree when we gather on Sunday but the greatest expression comes when there are smaller segments of the Body of Christ that are committed to help each other get where they want to be.
    • Jonathan Training at Emerald Hills specific training about how to raise up teams of disciple makers who will make disciples cross-culturally in conjunction with Team Expansion… and for those folks, to me it often reminds me of that famous YouTube clip in which the airplane manufacturing teams are continuing to build the airplane once the plane is aloft. We don’t wait, in the gospel of the Kingdom, until we have a perfect airplane, before we launch the airliner. We get up in the air and then put the finishing touches on things.


It Begins With Me


  • Mark 5 Jesus casts out demons and commissions the restored man to go home and share what God has done.
  • It is a healthy question to ask, “Am I the person God called me to be?” But since none of us will fully ‘arrive’ don’t wait to begin to obey what you know.
    • 3:13 Forgetting what lies behind, reach forward to what lies ahead – Press
  • The picture for discipleship is ‘every day in every way’
  • Concepts, Tools, Resources
    • – 30 days of challenges. Free practical next steps in bite sized chunks emailed daily.
    • Wesley Self-Examination Model – determine and work “growing edges”
    • Group in Africa implementing these principles since 2014. 112 groups. 750 in attendance. 481 baptisms – majority converted Muslims. 70 more waiting for rain to be baptized.
  • Formula to complete the Great Commission is 2 + 2 = 4
    • If there are 2 billion Christians in the world and everyone made one disciple in one year, then 2 + 2 would be 4 billion Christians.
    • In the second year, 4 + 4 billion would be 8 billion Christians!
    • In a world with a population of 7+ billion that is a profound thought
    • Smaller scale: 100 disciples making one disciple per year is 500k+ disciples in 10 years!
  • Great Commission is like a stair case. If you stop short of the top stair – you don’t get where you want to go. The cornerstone of being a disciple is making disciples.
  • John 14:15 Simple equation – if you do love Me, it will evidence itself in obedience. No exceptions.
  • Like the 5 Love Languages – God’s love language is grace & mercy. Our love language to God is obedience.
  • Telling my wife on our wedding day, “I love you” doesn’t replace demonstrating my love every day.
  • Obedience is like manna – yesterday’s portion is not sufficient for today
  • Jesus directed us to, “take up our cross daily” and follow Him
  • Powerful lesson from Rev. 2,3 – Jesus speaking to the Churches – Summary:
    • I affirm what you have done well
    • But I have this against you;
      • You have done some things wrong or left some things undone
      • I will give you time to correct this
      • If you don’t there will be consequences!

Dare To Be A Disciple

  • God is easy to please, but hard to satisfy – press on!
  • Attendee Questions:
    • How do I do this in a church that’s older?
      • Things change when there is dissatisfaction, ears to hear and a plan to improve.
      • Don’t ask, “Do I have to wait on the church?” Instead ask, “What can I do to live this out in my network?” (i.e. Discovery Bible Studies)
      • Start with one person and let grow naturally
    • How should a church get started?
      • Triage people
        • Group 1 – Those that won’t change
        • Group 2 – Those that will
        • Group 3 – Those that believe “This changes my life”
      • Focus on the 3rd group and find ways to measure and celebrate what they are doing
    • Small Groups have become a hindrance.
      • Not all small groups are created equal.
      • How you start is where you’ll go. DNA starts at conception.
      • Start new groups with different DNA (purpose) rather than try to change existing ones.
    • As a college student, how do I advise leaders to join me?
      • Point to resources and concepts
      • Most powerful way is to humbly say, “I’ve been out doing this and this is what has happened. Would you like to be a part of it?”
      • Fruit speaks for itself.




Lets get better together. Let this be leaven. Help us recruit into our staff with their spheres of influence.

Simple Church

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So “What is a Church?” That’s the question Curtis Sergeant tries to answer in the following video. And on Day #4 in the 30-Day Challenge, we ask that you “Make a List” of 30 people for whom you’ll pray. In reality, we’re beginning to help you think of all the people in your sphere. These are some of your closest associates — and likely, some of the folks with whom you’d like to be closer.

In New Testament times, your sphere of influence might meet in your home for a “house church” or “simple church.” In reality, this might be the most easily reproduced church of all. That’s Curtis’ point: we could multiply these “simple churches,” if we could just focus on them for a while. : )

Kingdom Movements for Christ

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If we can build more disciples into true witnesses for Christ, we will build a stronger Kingdom Movement. To learn more about the concept of a Kingdom Movement, check out this 45-minute video by Jerry Trousdale, author of Miraculous Movements.

More on Defining Discipleship

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After you cover the Day 15 challenge, you might be curious to know more about what we mean when we say the word, “disciple,” and how disciple making movements are different from the discipleship “programs” typically being promoted at churches large and small across the land. Here are some elements that distinguish these movements from past discipleship processes, as shared by John K., at Team Exapansion’s 2015 Team Leaders’ Summit.

Learning to Fast

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I’m writing as a guest on the site, anonymously, because I need to admit… it has been a long time since I have allowed myself to feel such physical hunger for such a sustained time — and I’m only doing a partial fast (two meals per day) and how that also is a pretty true statement for my spiritual hunger as well. I content myself too often with passing 15-seconds-of-thought prayers, tiny bite-sized crumbs of Pinterest-type scripture, and distracted Sunday morning “worship.” I need to remember how to be hungry. How to feel it and let it move me. Not just move me to reach for a spoon-fed understanding of someone else’s revelation, but move me to seek out dinner with the Master Chef. I have a million excuses. No, I really only have one: I let any excuse be bigger than my drive to being more like Him.

So here is to being hungry! To being truly grateful for the food before me and my family. To pushing away the distraction of seeking comfort in favor of seeking His Voice. Today I’m praying that you, the reader, will find real mealtime with the One Who Loves You most.


Learning to Fast

Prayer Walking as a Passion

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Prayer-walking is one of my greatest passions. I’ve spent over 2 hours a day prayer-walking for many years. My physical therapist actually is trying to convince me to prayer-walk less miles a day. I used to prayer-walk more than three hours a day.

There are many positive results of prayer-walking. Some results you will see here and now. Some results will only become evident in eternity. You will see results in your own life: loving God more, loving others more, forgetting your problems as you see the problems of other people, opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with others. You may even lose a few pounds. I lost 45 lbs prayer-walking in 2001.

One secret to prayer-walking more, is to use all those little trips you make, even walking your dog, at the grocery store, or at the mall, into minutes of prayer. Pray about the physical, spiritual, psychological, financial, family, etc. needs of others. Pray for those you see, hear, or even imagine that live in or work in the places you see.

You can learn more about prayer-walking at my page: