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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 9

In the pursuit of spiritual development, navigating the path of discipleship can often be clouded with confusion. In this thoughtful conversation from the More Disciples Podcast, the seeds of faith and unity are explored as tools to advance our spiritual relationships and personal growth.

Navigating Discipleship

The path of discipleship is as unique as the individuals traversing it. It encourages believers from all walks of life to come together, learn from one another, and strengthen their collective faith. The More Disciples podcast is an insightful exploration into this journey, deep diving into how disciples are made and multiplied around the world.

Faith and Its Great Leap

Dan Hitzhusen, a seasoned ministry veteran with experience in over a hundred countries, encouraged individuals to take leaps of faith. While acknowledging that faith in the divine can feel like stepping into the unknown, Dan emphasized the importance of persistence, love, grace, and tenacity. He reminded listeners that a leap of faith is not about immediate confidence, but about consistent growth and development over time.

Faith Muscle

Every leap of faith, small or big, develops our “faith muscle”, according to Dan. The more we use it, the stronger it gets. With every risk, challenge, and victory, our faith muscle expands, enabling us to take even grander leaps in the future.

The Role of Hope and Unity

In the grand narrative of faith, hope, and unity also play a vital role. The podcast draws attention to the importance of believing in the purity of others’ intentions and recognizing our collective brokenness. By appreciating the best in each other, the unity within the body of Christ can be strengthened. At the same time, we are reminded of our mission of advancing God’s kingdom, emphasizing the grand scheme of every step we take in faith.

In the path of discipleship, each step forward is a testament to our faith. As we grow, we learn, and we become capable of taking larger leaps into the unknown, deepening our spiritual connections, and advancing the kingdom of God collectively.

More Disciples

Author More Disciples

Every passionate follower of Jesus has a deep desire to share their faith with others. How do we make and multiply disciples around the block and around the world? How do we do it at a rate that can compete with population growth, a growing secular culture, and 40% of the world considered completely unreached? With hosts, Doug Lucas of Team Expansion, Lee Wood of 1Body Church, John Heerema of Biglife, Dori Yuen of Channel Network and special guests from around the world, we’ll explore how believers can come together to make More Disciples.

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