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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 9

The Impact of Travis and Mark

In a recent episode of The More Disciples Podcast, our hosts sat down with guests Travis Wall and Mark Lipic to discuss their incredible efforts in cultivating faith amid diaspora communities. Travis and Mark’s work is a beacon of dedication, utilizing both relationship building and faith-based guidance to make a lasting impact on the lives of many.

The Key to their Approach

What stood out the most during the discussion was their emphasis on the simplicity of their approach. They operate by two principles: *Trust and Respect*. Trust in their abilities to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and respect for the diversity that exists among humanity. They reiterated: the best way to be of help is by starting by building relationships and understanding their experiences.

Prayers for the Future

Towards the end of their discussion, a call to prayer was raised for the displaced across the world. This pivotal moment served as a reminder of the extraordinary challenges refugees face and the power of a collective prayer. It also emphasized the critical need for increased effort and more volunteers who can keep up the great work Travis and Mark are doing with their team in Louisville and expand across other diaspora communities.

It’s essential now more than ever to support dedicated individuals like Travis and Mark that continue to make a significant difference within diaspora communities through faith and unity. Their message is clear: passion fueled by faith can transcend boundaries and create lasting impacts in the lives of many!

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