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Doug Lucas

Designing a Hybrid Church

By Blog
Currently, I'm really interested in understanding how to integrate DMM principles in an existing (traditional, program-driven) church. How would that work? Jon Ralls recommended this article for starters. We've attached…
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Paradigm Shift

By Day 10
To do DMM, one has to change so many norms -- honestly... it's a game-changer. If you don't believe it, watch "Paradigm Shifts," another video in the Engage Africa: Through disciple making…
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Prayer Walking Tips

By Day 05
There are many purposes one can pursue while prayer-walking, but for the purposes of the 30-Day Challenge, we're hoping participants can be involved in ... Building relationships in the community in which…
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Self-Feeding: Prayer

By Day 23
Researchers have observed that no Kingdom movement has yet happened in all history without being preceded by extraordinary prayer. What's more, a disciple worth multiplying always seems to be a…
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