Day 17

Was St. Francis of Assisi a Sissy?

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Now at all! But the quote that is sometimes attributed to him (see the video below) might not have even been said by him at all! Some people think he didn’t say anything AT ALL like that. Besides, maybe if we followed the quote, we wouldn’t be telling quite the whole story anyway. To learn more, watch the video below.

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 17

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Well my last few days of camp were beautifully chaotic so I didn’t have time to do the rest of my challenges. I’m picking back up today with day 17. I was, however, given lots of opportunities to have really meaningful conversations. It was wonderful.

God really moved this past week of camp. I fell in love with my life group girls and cannot wait to begin life groups this fall! Our missionary at the camp really took the time to pour into me as she offered one afternoon to go on a walk and talk with me. And I was able to share numerous parts of my story with different students.

I was able to baptize one of my girls who is using her musical talents for Christ in the 7th grade! She also kept asking me questions about this 30 day challenge and my prayer calendar. After getting home she texted me and asked me to be her prayer partner. She said that she had went to the website I gave her and really wanted to do the challenge so that she would be better at sharing her faith as she goes back to school this year. Join me in praying for this young life group girl of mine who had inspired me with her urgency to share the gospel.

I also got to witness two of my girls being baptized at church this morning and two others are being baptized two weeks from now. It’s just been so exciting to see God move in the hearts of these Jr. Highers over the past week. I pray that I can continue to disciple them as their life group leader throughout the coming year and encourage them to be disciples who make disciples.

Watching this video today has really encouraged me to be bold in sharing my faith. The quote that was along the lines of, “How much do you have to hate someone to not tell them about Jesus?” really struck me with its simple honesty. If I believe that Jesus is the savior of this world then I need to be letting people know. Social awkwardness can be put on the side because eternity is what’s on the line. I’m praying that God will send me someone to share the ideas from this video with in the next 72 hours.
Also, This is just a reminder to stay up to date with your prayer calendar. I’ve set an alarm in my phone that reminds me to look at my prayer calendar every morning. Today I loved getting to pray for my best friend. The prayer calendar has continued to be one of my favorite parts of this challenge and I will continue to use this prayer method long after the challenge is over.

Day 17 – Caring Enough to Save Life

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Jesus said a lot of hurtful things to the Jewish leaders.  Look at Matthew 23, and the 7 woes; repeatedly he calls them hypocrites!  Was it because Jesus didn’t care about them, didn’t love them?  Or, was he harsh to them to try to save them?  He did rescue at least two — Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea — who later buried Jesus.  And, here’s the unescapeable point — Jesus became public enemy No. 1 because of all the things he said about the religious leaders.  In fact, it was their hatred of Jesus, because of his harsh words, that led Jesus to the cross.  Then, Jesus told his disciples to pick up their own crosses and follow him.  If we truly follow in Jesus’ footsteps, will we not then be willing to tell people the truth, in love, and with respect; even though it may lead them to despise us.  Like Penn Jillette says,  “If I believed with all my heart that a truck was coming to hit you and you didn’t believe it, there’s a certain point in which I TACKLE you to save your life.”  If I truly love you, the priority is to save your life.  Eternity trumps every other issue.

Day 17: Tell em’

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That was a great video and a great challenge for us as Christians.  Too many time we just want to have our actions speak but we actually need to speak.  Teller made some great points such as how much we must hate people if we are not willing to tell them.  I think the bigger problem is that we don’t truly believe and go all in.  We don’t truly grasp what Jesus did for us.  If we did we wouldn’t feel guilted into doing things.  We would tell others about this great gift out of gratitude.


Yesterday I shared the story of us meeting some internationals on vacation and sharing Jesus with them.  The week before that God laid it on my heart and said “Why are you not being a missionary while on vacation?”  I was challenged that I need to be looking for opportunities all of the time.  Talking about Jesus and my faith isn’t reserved for certain times.  I need to be ready to share.  Tonight I went to Sioux City to the park for my boys’ biological mom’s birthday party.  While there I could have made it all about my kids and their family but at the park I ran into a couple with a thick southern accent.  I joked “You must be from Iowa, I can tell by your accent.”  They laughed and said they were from Louisiana.  As we kept talking out of the blue they shared of an accident that happened at work and after that they started going to church.  I said to them “It makes you think about what the purpose of life is and how short it can be.”  They nodded and we continued to talk I gave him my business card and told him to look me up if he gets to Sioux Center.  God is working all around us and we just need to be ready and willing to be a part of his plan.
If we had the same attitude as that of Paul where he was willing to lay down his life so lost people can be saved what would that do to the church and christianity in general?  What if we had that type of love for others?  I have been really pushed through this challenge to be more bold in my faith and to not leave people guessing what my purpose is in life and what I believe.  Thank you God for allowing me to be a part of your plan.

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 17

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Day 17: The Basis for Disciple-Making.  So, this video that we watched today…it is so interesting! He makes a lot of good points.  He seems to understand the urgency that we should feel better than a lot of Christians.  He said a lot of things that really hit home for me.  One of them was “How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?”  Wow! I know there have been times where I have avoided that pointed conversation with someone because I didn’t want to offend them or lose them as a friend, but when you put it like that…wow, how did I not share!?  Another thing he said that I thought was really interesting was at the end of the video.  He says, “Now, I know there’s no God, and one polite person living his life right doesn’t change that…”  When he made that statement, I couldn’t help but think: would it change his stance on God’s existence if he met 5 polite people living their lives right? What about 10?  What if every Christian he met welcomed him with the love of Christ and showed him that kind of care and grace?  It is amazing how every interaction matters.  You never know who is going to be open to the gospel until you try.  Don’t miss someone because of false assumptions.

I had a friend in college who had different beliefs than I did.  In fact, he was someone who I tried to avoid that pointed conversation with because I liked to hang out with him and we worked well together.  There came a time though that I just couldn’t avoid it any longer.  I felt a sense of urgency that he know how much God loves him and wants him to be in a relationship with Him.  So, we had coffee together and chatted about what was on my heart.  His response was not what I expected.  He told me that in his hometown there were many “Christians” who were not kind to him and wanted nothing to do with him because of his lifestyle and beliefs.  He said “And then I met you.  You were a Christian who was actually really nice to me and I couldn’t figure out why.”  That story, like the video that we watched, breaks my heart.  As Christians we should be living lives that show Christ to other people, at all times.  We should live with an urgency, because the reality is that we know the One who can give salvation, and we need to tell others about it, because the consequences of them not having the opportunity to know Christ are more costly than we should be willing to pay.

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.

Acts 4:12

Penn Jillette: Proselytizer

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We feature this video by Penn Jillette on the main page for Day 17, “The Basis for Disciplemaking.” We include it again here, in this post, so it will show up in the ‘blog’ index with all the other videos. It features Penn Jillette, an avowed atheist, explaining how he viewed a person who handed him a Bible. Although Penn remained an atheist, he actually ended up respecting the “proselytizer” more because his act of giving the Bible represented true care and concern. In fact he essentially adds, “If you see a Mack truck heading for a guy in the street, but the guy won’t listen to you, even though he doesn’t believe the truck is coming, as it gets closer, there comes a point that you finally just tackle the guy to push him out of the way. If you truly believe I’m headed to a literal place called Hell, and if Hell is as bad as you say, how much do you have to hate me not to tell me about it? So now, as I think this through, I actually have deep respect for the Proselytizers. And now, I have little to no respect for those who keep silent. THEY are the hypocrites.” Insightful. Provocative. Take a listen for yourself: