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We feature this video by Penn Jillette on the main page for Day 17, “The Basis for Disciplemaking.” We include it again here, in this post, so it will show up in the ‘blog’ index with all the other videos. It features Penn Jillette, an avowed atheist, explaining how he viewed a person who handed him a Bible. Although Penn remained an atheist, he actually ended up respecting the “proselytizer” more because his act of giving the Bible represented true care and concern. In fact he essentially adds, “If you see a Mack truck heading for a guy in the street, but the guy won’t listen to you, even though he doesn’t believe the truck is coming, as it gets closer, there comes a point that you finally just tackle the guy to push him out of the way. If you truly believe I’m headed to a literal place called Hell, and if Hell is as bad as you say, how much do you have to hate me not to tell me about it? So now, as I think this through, I actually have deep respect for the Proselytizers. And now, I have little to no respect for those who keep silent. THEY are the hypocrites.” Insightful. Provocative. Take a listen for yourself:

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