Day 16

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 16

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I was able to read the Luke 10 and Matthew 10 scriptures while my campers were doing their own studies at this time. I had never read and seen the parallels in these scriptures before so I found the video really helpful! It was a nice time to just sit and be with God among all the craziness at camp.

I’ve planned my prayer walk for Monday when I get back home. I didn’t have time to dive into the optional homework scriptures but I do want to spend time learning about persons of peace as I pray for God to send one my way.

Day 16 – Searching for People of Peace

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We had just moved to the third largest city of Taiwan to begin a new church plant.  While prayer walking we noticed lots of children in our neighborhood.  In Taichung, grade school children only went half a day on Wednesdays.  We thought, what if we started an after school program on Wednesday afternoons, and did a VBS style outreach?  Since we were new to the area, we would even invite parents to sit-in.  While prayer walking, we handed out flyers near the elementary school for our “King’s Club.”  One of those flyers landed in the hands of a 2nd grader whose English name was Vincent.  His mother, Joanne, brought him faithfully and stayed to hear the Bible stories.  Joanne and Vincent became the first to believe in Taichung.  Joanne brought many more, including her husband, James.  This couple became like Aquila and Priscilla — a true family of peace.  The church now meets in their home.  I believe God can raise up people of peace in every neighborhood — even in America!

Day 16: WANTED: Person of Peace

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It’s 9:30 at night and I just sat down to listen to the challenge for today.  I was hoping to get to it this morning or over lunch but I woke up at 6 and read Romans since I need to read 10 chapters by tomorrow for our discipleship group.  I got to work around 7 and worked straight until 6 without stopping for lunch, got home had supper with the family and helped clean up.  Then spent time with the kids wrestling, playing dominos, and finished with Reading in Romans with my boys and ended up discussing “What is permissible is not always beneficial.”  


The person of peace is a concept I have read and learned about and even experimented  in finding.   Figuring out the person of peace can be tricky.  Just like in discipleship we hone in on one person to soon and end up ignoring the ones that are hungry and ready for it.  We can make the same mistake in looking for the person of peace.  We sometimes are so drawn to one person because of their personality when in reality they really aren’t that interested. One of those situations happened with some friends I made at a local restaurant.  I had my focus on the cousin of the owner the whole time that he was the person of peace and the one I should reach because he was fun and less intimidating than the owner.  For 6 months I was intentional to talk to him and have him over.  Then one day when I went to give him a chinese-english bible at the restaurant he had left.  I was crushed, I thought he was the person of peace.  3 months later I was at the restaurant and I saw a bible sitting up by the register.  I asked my friend at the restaurant “Are you reading this?”  She said “Yes it is very good.”  I had given the bible to the owner’s son a year earlier and the owner’s girlfriend had read the whole bible on her own!  God was still working, just not how I had planned or thought.  I have since realized the owner is actually the person of peace.  He was just a lot busier and more intimidating to talk about.  But in all actuality he was the one who held the key to the community of workers there.  


Another example of finding a person of peace is when we went on a vacation to a resort.  At the resort there were many different international students working there.  Before and during the trip we prayed for opportunities throughout the weekend to share Jesus.  During the weekend we had many different conversations with different workers and many of them were spiritual.  The last day I was there one of the guys “my person of peace” really opened up to me and invited me to their apartment where I met his 7 other friends and got to hang out with them all for a few hours.  He wasn’t the one I was initially intrigued by the most but he is the one who was the most open.  After the night they all invited me to their country to hang out.  I have kept in contact with him over facebook and continue to pray for him.  
I am going to prayer walk this week and hope for more conversations that could lead me to a person of peace in our community.  

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 16

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Day 16: Person of Peace.  Today was busy.  We had camp kickoff at our church this morning so I helped with that during all 3 services.  We did a few things at home to get ready for this evening and then I lead my high school life group this evening.  It was our last group together so naturally it went extra long.

All of this didn’t leave much time to really consider this idea of a person of peace.  It is a new idea to me.  I mean, I had read that terminology in scripture in the passages assigned to us, but I had never really considered what that might mean to apply it to my life and my ministry today.  I am glad that part of the challenge today was to schedule a prayer walk and look for a person of peace, because I do want to be intentional about spending more time delving into this concept.  I am planning to complete a prayer walk on Saturday morning.  I am excited to see what comes of this intentional time of prayer and seeking.

PS: Don’t forget to be contacting the person on your prayer calendar.  This is something that I have sort of struggled to remember.  Another blogger wrote that he is putting his people into the calendar on his phone to help him remember, so I am planning to do that.

Persons of Peace

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Jesus told his disciples that if they came across a house which welcomed them, to grant their blessing on that house — and let your peace reside there. DMM trainers often instruct us to look for those whom God has prepared… those who welcome us to help them transform both personally, as well as corporately. Listen as Curtis Sergeant explains.