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4) Curtis Sergeant on “How to Get Your Church Involved in Multiplying Disciples”

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“The Must-Have’s For Disciple Making” was on February 24, 2016. It featured Dr. Curtis Sergeant, trainer of those who want to multiply disciples and Doug Lucas, President of Team Expansion discussing…

  • Prayer
  • Intentional Conversations
  • Sharing Your Testimony and more

Why would a non-believer attend a DBS?

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Ironically, a lot of unbelievers come to the Lord if they get into a 3/3 group.  With a group of unbelievers you only have to make very small adjustments to the format.  They discover that the Bible is relevant and begin to learn about the character and nature of God, etc.  Of course, the accountability time looks a little bit different than with believers, but it is still similar.  In some ways it functions the way the Law does in relation to the Gospel.  The Law shows people their need for grace.  If people are unable to follow through on their commitments, it can function in the same way at times.  Even if that doesn’t happen, people are often drawn to the Bible and to the Lord through the process.  It provides a good opportunity to discover spiritual truth in community with others whom they know.  They also begin to learn about multiplication, hermeneutics, community, etc.

Curtis Sergeant

How do we share Good News with Muslims?

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Following a recent webinar by Curtis Sergeant, a participant, Ken, asked, “There are many Muslim immigrants in the USA these days. What can local church members do to share the hope and help of the Good News with these new neighbors?”

Curtis answered, “My current favorite generic approach for sharing with Muslims is called the ‘Any 3’ approach.  It was developed by Mike Shipman in Indonesia.  It is best viewed not primarily as a Muslim evangelism tool (although it can serve that purpose) but as a filtering tool to help identify persons of peace.  You can Google the term.  There is also a book on it by that title.”

[Note: Grab the whole approach, compressed in a handy PDF, here: ]

Online Trainings in other Languages

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After a recent webinar, Judy asked, “Are there any online trainings in disciple making available in French?”

I have French versions of the booklet we use in our first level training events.  You might poke around on to see if they have something.  (I don’t think they will but you could check.)  You might also check with City Team.  They do quite a bit of training in West Africa and might have something.

Why the recent shift away from church attendance?

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“How do you think the recent shift away from church attendance in developed, “Christianized” nations is connected to our dissatisfaction with present maturity in disciples? Are people just looking for a better way to be the church?”

Curtis Sergeant answered, “I don’t know.  I can think of several possible interactions between these two factors.  It is probably a combination of multiple aspects.  An organization of consumers is going to stagnate eventually.  Existing members are going to become dissatisfied if their lives are not being changed.  Non-members are not going to be attracted if members’ lives are not being changed.”