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Sitting down with Dad

By July 26, 2016Day 06

I used to think that prayer is not a natural skill I possessed. I would listen to people pray and, even people that didn’t have beautiful language to go with their prayers, they somehow had a better handle on how to talk with God. It wasn’t until I realized that what prayer really is, a conversation with the Creator of the Universe, I call Him dad. That’s when I found both the reverence and the closeness I was missing. I stumbled on an article recently, by David L. Fleming, SJ, about Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order of monks. He says, “Ignatius describes his ministry by the simple Spanish word conversar. Conversar means “to converse,” “to talk with.” Its simplest meaning in English is sincere talk with another person, the kind of comfortable, satisfying conversation whereby we truly get to know someone else.” I want to truly get to know God in such a way that I just talk to Him. Listing 25 people to focus on is a great exercise for me to remember what it is my time with Abba is about. I just have to think, if I conversar (please excuse the terrible Spanish use), with God, and I get comfortable with that, how much better will I be doing the same with the people I am praying for?

Brian Flood

Author Brian Flood

Brian and Heather Flood said ‘yes’ in the Fall of 2014 when members from the community approached them to offer an education program to help adults in the downtown Savannah community overcome barriers to rising above poverty. With the Flood's background in education and professional arenas they bring an individualized approach to assessing the needs of Hope Academy's students. The program has since expanded to include a relational approach to teaching English as a second language (ESL) classes to refugees placed in the Savannah area.

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