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I have to admit, I have writer’s block this week. I just feel…off. Maybe it’s the rainy weather putting me in a funk? Maybe it’s much-needed down time, as my prayer partners have pointed out? Whatever the cause, I refuse to give up and let the enemy win! 🙂

Day 6 Challenge was to list 25 people to pray for that I interact with regularly, and to make note of the ones that do no know Jesus Christ. After I made the list, I realized that especially now that I don’t work a full-time job, I don’t hardly interact with anyone at all on a regular basis, let alone those that don’t have a relationship with Jesus!

Lord, lead us to new opportunities to build relationships with the lost, while protecting us from temptation. Guide and direct our every step, and help us to get out of our little boxes so that we can reach this lost world for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



Joni Zabel

Author Joni Zabel

I'm a wife, mother, step-mother, but most of all, I'm a friend of Jesus Christ. He's recently called me to leave my full-time job to be His disciple and be available for whatever it is He has for me to do. I've stepped out of the boat in faith. My husband and I, as well as several of our friends, know that there is so much MORE the Lord wants from us than to be confined to ministering in a church building, and I'm very excited to see what He has in store for the future!

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  • Nicole says:

    Joni, I realized the same thing! I just went part time last month. I have been intentionally praying for relationships with my neighbors now that I am home more now. Praying the same for you!!