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Day 6 – List of 25 Names

By May 9, 2016Day 06

A prayer list is not new for me.  I’ve always worked better from a to-do list, and a daily routine.  Okay, so I made my list of 25 people (or, couples).  My list is sitting here right in front of me, here in my office.  The same place where I wrote it.  The problem — I left it here in my office over the weekend.  So, I learned a valuable lesson right off the bat; one that I can share with others when I pray for them and encourage them to make their own prayer list.  You know what that lesson is:  when you make your list, put it on something you always carry with you, like your cell phone or tattooed up and down your arms.  Though, if you choose Matthew 5:30 as the verse to obey, you might loose the arm with all the names.  So, my advice is to put your list on you cell phone.  I know what you’re thinking — when people have no arms, they learn to do amazing things with their toes — even using cell phones. 🙂

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