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It is late at night and my challenge today did not go well.  It is spring and I manage a garden center.  We had 7 trucks of plants arrive today and we got most of them unloaded, tagged, and put away.  I am looking at my activity tracker right now and it says I have put on 8.29 miles today.  That is just from work mainly.  I guess I don’t need to go to the gym today:)  I loved the duckling video and how we just need to be one step ahead of the person behind us.  I equate that to what I have read on customer service and what I tell my employees “The best salesperson is one line ahead of the customer on the sign.”  You don’t need to be an expert to sell something and you don’t need to be an expert to be a disciplemaker.  You just need to be teachable and willing.

In my head I started going through the list of 25 people.  Starting with people I interact with regularly at work.   Then I moved to places I visit frequently and who is there and then I just thought about people I know who are hurting and struggling.  I did not get to the Matthew passage as we have been dealing with some tough stuff in some marriages of people that are near and dear to us.  I also am trying to get through the whole book of Luke by tomorrow because that is the challenge for our discipleship group this week.  There is only so much time in the day and today was full!  In a good way.  A priest at the native american reservation told me once not to use the word “busy” but to replace the word busy with “many opportunities.”  Instead of doing Matthew I did devotions and went through Luke for a half an hour with my two boys who are 13 and 14.  We have been using the SOAP acronym when we do devotions together and after reading this I am going to have to add the “S” to the end and challenge them to share it with others.  Looking forward to the next day and what that brings!

Justin Schuiteman

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I am first of all a Jesus follower who is passionate about reaching the unreached, discipleship, and helping the hurting. I have an amazing wife, who is my best friend, and 4 children 4, 7, 13, & 14. 8 years ago God got a hold of us and life has not been the same since!

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