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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 14

The demand for engaging gospel resources continues to grow exponentially throughout the world. This ongoing conversation between leaders in the disciple-making field is proof. In a recent conversation, co-laborers and believers from around the world joined Kent Parks, a seasoned leader, to discuss actionable strategies for spreading the gospel globally.

The conversation starts on a light note with a team introduction before the first speaker, Dori Yuen, kicks off by welcoming guest, Kent Parks, an early advocate of the Disciple-Making Movements (DMM). Parks speaks about the divine inspiration he acquired from other pioneers of the DMM, transforming traditional approaches in Indonesia to cultivate a multiplying effect of discipleship.

Doug Lucas then brings the focus back to the realities of the mission field, asking Parks about the efforts made by his Dallas-based organization, Beyond, in adopting these multiplying principles. Parks’ response shows solid evidence of extraordinary progress made by Beyond, with over 2.1 million baptisms recorded.

Further along in the conversation, Lee Wood prompts Parks to share insights into his experiences in becoming a disciple-maker, and the growth that has occurred from then until now. Parks details the significance of unity in the mission field, using a biblical narrative to drive his point home.

In conclusion, Parks encourages would-be disciple-makers to receive practical training and be open to coaching. The conversation reflects the importance of having a constantly evolving approach to enhancing global disciple-making. The indubitably challenging journey of disciple making, according to Parks, is a priceless adventure that no believer should miss out on.

This conversation is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in or interested in the disciple-making movement, providing personal experiences, practical advice, and profound insights.

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