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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 13

When we think about making and multiplying disciples, we typically visualize grand movements and wide-reaching impacts, but Mike and Leslie Kim have a different perspective. As the special guests on the ‘More Disciples Podcast’, they share their unique insights on how authenticity, vulnerability, and availability (or ‘Ava’ as they refer to it) guide the way they create a profound, profound, and lasting impact on individuals and communities.

The couple first recounts their move from the populous San Francisco Bay Area to Globe, a modest town in Arizona with a population of just 7,000. On entering Globe, they realized that not everything they learnt about disciple-making in the city translated to their new community. The circumstances called for an approach grounded in ‘smallness’, which they define as thinking less about oneself and creating more room for Christ to work through us.

As Leslie describes, “If there were fewer thoughts about myself, then there’s a bit more space for Christ to do the things he wants to do”. This journey to smallness pushed them to deeper personal transformations, prompting them to look inward, address their failures, weaknesses, and highlight the power of authenticity. Mike further reflects on the concept of smallness, explaining how it’s not about diminishing one’s self-worth but shifting the focus from self to the community and Christ.

Furthermore, the Kims’ approach to making disciples is profoundly holistic. They extend their faith and values to every sphere of their lives and work in Globe – from teaching and farming to public service and medical fields. They see each act of genuine service as a seed, the harvest of which God will provide.

Overall, the Kims’ unique perspective offers an insightful analysis on disciple-making. By embracing smallness, sustaining authenticity, and leading a holistic life, they’re not only creating deep and individualized impacts but also expanding the boundaries of global discipleship. Innovation indeed comes in small packages.

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