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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 12

Fueling discipleship globally are thousands of practitioners like Jared and Scott, dedicated leaders in respective discipleship-focused organizations. Their unified mission? To stretch the reach of God’s word around the world. Their conversation exudes warmth, brotherhood, and a shared conviction, making it an intimate chronicle of shared experiences and mutual goals.


The Power of Collaboration

The conversation’s crux lives in the spirit of collaboration. They unanimously believe that a successful campaign to spread discipleship hinges on giving away personal and organizational credits. It’s about surrendering our individualistic perspectives for a common goal: establishing the Kingdom of God. The essence of collaboration emerges from a readiness to give, recognizing that the credit is not ours to begin with.

Unity and Love: The Ultimate Strategy

The foundation of this camaraderie rests on the belief that Jesus’s strategy resides in love and unity. Finding a common ground in the vision of every village adopting churches and creating a network of disciple-makers is essential. They are “tugging at the same end of the rope.” The conversation underlines the importance of replacing an organizational perspective with a relational one, emphasizing the need for love, fraternity, and unity among disciples.

A Coalition for the Willing

The conversation ends on a hopeful note encapsulated by the “Coalition of the Willing.” This coalition standing on the commitment to bring the Gospel to the world represents an enthusiastic group of ministries dedicated to church-planting in every possible corner of the world. It is a vivid example of the power of collective faith.

Conclusion: Unwavering Faith

In the face of adversity, these disciples maintain an unwavering faith in their calling, demonstrating a fellowship that crosses boundaries. Reflecting their journey helps us appreciate the beauty and importance of unity in diversity while remaining focused on our shared mission as disciples of Christ.

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