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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 11

Discipleship is a journey of spiritual evolution and resilience that requires unshakable faith and tenacity. This journey is crafted with countless stories of faith and resilience from across the globe.

Our special guests, Terry and Amy Ruff, share their inspiring journey of discipleship on the More Disciples podcast. They recount their experience of transforming traditional approaches to establishing a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) in Ghana, Africa. Being mission outreach pastors, they significantly utilized their skills, knowledge, and faith to influence lives, even when faced with countless challenges including threats to personal health.

As disciples, Terry and Amy adopted the “push-through” mindset, believing that every obstacle was God’s way of preparing them for something bigger and better. Despite battling health issues and other setbacks, their faith remained unyielding, and their commitment to discipleship never faltered.

However, it’s significant to note that Terry and Amy’s journey was not a solitary one. They achieved their milestones in collaboration with local partners, who, despite going astray occasionally, often found their way back, adding another layer of resilience to the process. Furthermore, Terry and Amy’s work is a testament to the power of religious relationships and the impact of strong leadership in fostering similar values in their followers.

In conclusion, discipleship is a journey of unyielding faith, resilience, and tenacity. Terry and Amy’s testament serves as a shining example for present and future disciples, illustrating the power of resilience in traversing the challenging journey of spiritual growth. Despite obstacles, they remained on course, leading, inspiring, and multiplying disciples around the world.

More Disciples

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Every passionate follower of Jesus has a deep desire to share their faith with others. How do we make and multiply disciples around the block and around the world? How do we do it at a rate that can compete with population growth, a growing secular culture, and 40% of the world considered completely unreached? With hosts, Doug Lucas of Team Expansion, Lee Wood of 1Body Church, John Heerema of Biglife, Dori Yuen of Channel Network and special guests from around the world, we’ll explore how believers can come together to make More Disciples.

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