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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 5

In the latest episode of the More Disciples Podcast, our hosts sit down with special guests Dana and Neil Gamble. With a shared passion for expanding the kingdom of God, they delve deep into the heart of discipleship, focusing on the need for intimacy with Christ.

Our guests, Dana and Neil Gamble, share a wealth of wisdom on the essential role of intimacy with Christ in disciple-making. Their deeply personal journeys with God have resulted in an understanding of discipleship that transcends traditional programs or methods. Instead, they emphasize a deeply relational approach. Beyond religious rituals, and winning theological debates, they advocate for a spiritual journey where the believer walks in-step with Jesus, leading to a naturally supernatural love and relationship with God.

“Living Out” the Message of Jesus

Neil recounts the importance of ‘living out’ the message of Jesus. The Gamble’s walk is one in which faith is lived, breathed, and shared daily, whether at work, at home, and across the neighborhood. He says, “Discipleship is just exactly what happens… it’s not something you have to add onto your life. It’s something that you include in your life.”

Their insights remind us that discipleship forms the underpinning of an authentic Christian life. We are prompted to put Jesus at the center – as the motivational root drive of our being and not as another application or program to run occasionally.

In conclusion, the conversation challenges us to rethink discipleship. Rather than a duty or task, it should be an invitation to forge a deep, life-transforming connection with Christ.

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