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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 4


In an unconventional journey from being a bouncer to a pastor, Aaron Born has a wealth of experience to learn from. Operating from Victory Church, Aaron navigates the overlap of house churches within a megachurch context, fostering richer spiritual communities on local and global scales.

House Church Initiative

Aaron’s latest initiative involves empowering church members to form house churches. As smaller, home-based congregations, house churches bridge the gap between individual believers and the larger church community. Victory Church nurtures these house churches through robust training and empowerment, alongside the call for a missional DNA.

Challenges and Success

Implementing house churches within a megachurch context brings forth various challenges, including material development, cultural considerations, and balancing functions of small groups and house churches. Yet success stories, like reaching out to special-needs communities or engaging in interfaith discussions, affirm the transformative power of this approach.


Aaron’s journey illustrates the harmonious co-existence of house churches and megachurches. This fluidity in spiritual leadership and community formation keeps discipleship at the core: a calling to be answered whether it leads to a megachurch pulpit, a house church living room, or a bar turned spiritual hub.

More Disciples

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Every passionate follower of Jesus has a deep desire to share their faith with others. How do we make and multiply disciples around the block and around the world? How do we do it at a rate that can compete with population growth, a growing secular culture, and 40% of the world considered completely unreached? With hosts, Doug Lucas of Team Expansion, Lee Wood of 1Body Church, John Heerema of Biglife, Dori Yuen of Channel Network and special guests from around the world, we’ll explore how believers can come together to make More Disciples.

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