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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 2

Tampa Bay pastors, Darin Anderson and David Oates, are redefining the ways of disciple-making through community building, technology, and a focus on Discipleship Making Movements (DMM) practices.

Embracing Unity in Disciple-Making

Darin and David are fostering deep relationships with their congregations and other ministries. They compare the Church to an adaptable, unlimited stream, moving away from traditional models, and fostering unity through city-wide events.

Intersecting Technology with Disciple-Making

They are embracing technology to reach new communities and share their faith with those outside physical church boundaries. The intersection of modern technology with DMM practices has given rise to a growing, expansive approach to disciple-making.

Empowering Disciples within Churches

Darin and David emphasize the need for disciples who make disciples, creating a self-replicating cycle of discipleship. This path, though challenging, marks a shift towards an empowerment model of leadership in their churches.

Despite obstacles, Darin, David, and others on this journey are beginning to see a spark of unity and collaboration within Tampa Bay, inspiring churches worldwide to embrace innovation and unity in the world of discipleship.


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