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MultiplyUs 8

By March 1, 2024March 27th, 2024Blog

MultiplyUs 8! | Recording

Like our previous conferences, MultiplyUs 8 featured case studies and examples of Christian leaders who are implementing disciple-making movement strategies and life practices. We heard from…

Grant Foard. Grant worked as a Christian witness in SE Asia prior to COVID. When his field closed, he and his wife didn’t stop. In their community here in North America, they began implementing DMM strategies among nearby Muslims, Hindus, and other neighbors. Within the past couple of years, counting the generational growth through multiple streams, God has raised up 48 ongoing 3/3 groups (Discovery Bible Studies).

Ron Johnson. Ron serves as the Lead Pastor for Restoration Church, a megachurch in Colorado with a new focus on adding parallel streams of “simple churches.” In his presentation, he’ll share the challenges and opportunities found in transitioning prevailing-model churches into reproducible, multiplying “simple churches.”

Bart Shaw. Bart has served in ministry for the past 20 years, with the last 5 years at a megachurch of 12,000 people in Indiana. He is currently Pastor at one of the church’s campuses and also serves as Discipleship Pastor for the entire megachurch, overseeing groups and discipleship-related initiatives. He’s recently begun experimenting with DMM strategies and life practices, both personally and corporately. In his presentation, we’ll hear about his exploration into micro-groups, Zume, and more.

JED. JED helps mobilize, train, and coach new international DMM-focused workers. He serves as the VP of Outreach at Team Expansion, the Int’l Exec Team for Jonathan Project, and the Zume Project lead team. For the past 18 months, he has been prayer-walking through a small town near his home in Louisville. Over the past two weeks, 8 of the people for whom he has been praying have decided to make Jesus their Lord and be baptized.

Corinna and Jon McMurray. The McMurray’s multiple disciples in Canada. They have been active in using Zume and other training materials. More recently they’ve made great progress in several unique segments of their oikos.

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