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The More Disciples Podcast | Episode 1


Are you ready to make more disciples of Jesus? Traditional disciple-making methods are too slow to keep up with population growth. Traditional disciple-making methods aren’t reaching your unchurched neighbors and they aren’t reaching people groups around the world who are without access to the Gospel. But there is a solution. In the More Disciples Podcast, we’re going to break it down step-by-step and show you exactly how you can start to make More Disciples, right away. In this episode, you’ll meet the hosts, learn about their disciple-making journeys, and gain an understanding of the basics of disciple-making movements.

More Disciples

Author More Disciples

Every passionate follower of Jesus has a deep desire to share their faith with others. How do we make and multiply disciples around the block and around the world? How do we do it at a rate that can compete with population growth, a growing secular culture, and 40% of the world considered completely unreached? With hosts, Doug Lucas of Team Expansion, Lee Wood of 1Body Church, John Heerema of Biglife, Rodger Shull of e3 Partners and special guests from around the world, we’ll explore how believers can come together to make More Disciples.

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  • Doug Lucas says:

    Wow. Cool! It’s ‘live!’

  • Gerald Brunworth says:

    I have learned about DMM through Damian Gerke’s book In the Way. In listening to quite a number of your podcasts, I am encouraged and instructed by your sharing. Maybe I simply have not found the correct podcast as yet, but I do not hear an explanation about what is involved in the “TRAINING” you speak about so often. I suggest that you need to clarify this issue. What is “training”? Who trains? How would I get training? What does training cost? A critical issue….as some would see DMM as a PROGRAM not unlike other Evangelism Programs.

    • Doug Lucas says:

      Hi Gerald. The word, “training,” can’t be quantified to include a specific curriculum, unfortunately, because there is no one office that coordinates all things DMM. So each organization, implementer, movement practitioner, etc., defines DMM in a different way. That must sound extremely confusing – but it’s actually a byproduct of something positive. The *POSITIVE* side, if there is one, is that none of these early pioneers cared enough about money or fame to try to copyright the concepts. They used the attitude, “Freely I have received, Freely I give.” So virtually every movement (and every practitioner/implementer within those movements) has a different outline. However, anecdotally, I can tell you that, having been around these trainers for a number of years, MOST of the training has ended up being VERY similar. In fact, it might be so similar that — up to 80 to 90% of all strategies, skills, and principles are very nearly the same. They vary only in that last 20 to 30%. To get a ROUGH idea of what makes up MOST of the training, you could go to The reason we might recommend that site to you is that it’s a) available 24/7, b) available free, and c) widely used and easily reproducible. Once you make it through the Zume course (around 20 hours of experience and practice with a group of 4-12 people), you’ll probably be doing 80 to 90% of the things that virtually ALL DMM implementers seek to do. Hope that helps!