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In the book, More Disciples, we write about being “Part of Two Churches” (pages 64-66 in the Revised First Edition). As each day passes, this seems more and more significant, if not imperative, for all of us to master.

Think about it. We will all (hopefully?) settle into a “My Spiritual Family” type church… Some are now referring to them as a micro-church. What is a micro-church  — or a “My Spiritual Family” style of church? It’s a “simple church” — where everyone knows your name. You live life together and tackle life’s challenges together for years at a time. You pray for one another, see each other through tragedy and triumph.

But if we all “just stay in the comfortable zone,” no one will ever start new groups. So we need to master the art of being “part of two churches.” Here’s an example.

Last week, we invited my buddy from soccer — his name is Joe. Even when I invited him, I was straight with him: “Joe, you’ve now accepted Christ. (He was baptized around the fourth time he studied with us.) You know, it’s time you could start a group of your own.” He actually liked the sound of that. He responded, “I try to attend big churches. But they just don’t feel relevant for what I need right now.” I asked him to attend our “My Spiritual Family” church (a micro-church kind of thing) for 3 weeks. I also asked him to start weekly peer mentoring (peer coaching) with me as well. (We don’t charge for those sessions, obviously. Freely we have received, freely we give.) After three sessions, we’re going to help Joe start a new group of his own. He’ll attract his own “spiritual family.” He’ll reproduce on his own. And then, we’ll do our best to help him continue to chain forward.

Do you have a “My spiritual family” or micro-church with which you can meet? Are you able to be “part of two churches?” Do you need help making all this happen? Try ordering the book.

Join us for peer mentoring (peer coaching). Did you know that studies have shown that, to really multiply into a movement, most workers need to be involved in a peer mentoring group. If you’d like to join one, just contact us. Just click “Comment” below and we’ll be glad to help! God bless you — and good luck being “part of two churches!”


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