So I made my list of 30 names, ready to pray. I was curious to see who I’d end up praying for on Day 4, and I had no pretenses about ordering or gaming the list to get a specific person (my wife used, which I wish I’d thought of).

No matter, my system worked exactly as it needed to. I got to pray for my brother Bob (not a pseudonym), who shared a couple immediate and timely prayer requests. I was glad to pray for those and am excited to hear about how things went last night and will go this morning.

He and I also talked about doing a devotion for our recreation ministry. He shares about doing devotions quite a bit, but struggles to have people come to do it. I felt God telling me to step up in this area and Bob is going to have me be a part of this ministry.

Day 4 reminded me that we thrive when we are praying for and with our brothers and sisters. I don’t like that it took a 30 day challenge for me to ask to pray for Bob. I’m sorry, Bob. I do like that I’m recognizing the power of being in prayer for each other.

Now it’s time to see who’s next…

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