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First, I’m so grateful for Doug and his team for aggregating what Curtis made available. What a blessing to our church and to my family!

Our church signed up about 80 people this last Sunday to this challenge, and I hope that each one of them are just as impacted as I am by pursuing this new paradigm.

That being said…

The Wesley inventory hit me hard.

It doesn’t take much to make me a little emotional (ask my wife), but I really am thinking about how often I disappoint and how often I fall short. Many of the items were ones that I’m asking for prayer for my life, but the most important was…

Do you share your faith?

No, no I sure don’t do it. And that makes me the biggest hypocrite of all.  Why wouldn’t I share about the goodness of God? Why wouldn’t I share His redeeming message?

Our family started this week by praying for a stranger we met at Wendy’s. We talked with him about environmentalism (his topic) and quickly said a prayer whilst our girls (4, 2) screamed (it was getting late). But, we encouraged him and shared that we too believe that Jesus is the Christ.

I need this day to remind me that I have things to work on. When I arrive to work, I’m printing off the inventory. It’s going by my computer. I need to see it to remember to be a disciple worth replicating.

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