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Good thing is, it’s not about me

By July 26, 2016Day 01

“I have no idea what I’m doing.” It’s the one thought that most repeats in my mind since my wife and I said ‘yes’ to reaching the unreached in our city. Refugees from closed, Islamic countries are here in need of, well, pretty much everything, and He has placed us in a position to help. After watching the video for day one, I’m feeling rather “first century”. The check list I see to be like an early disciple is: uneducated, check; no social power, check; no organization, check. Some of our own community has even been hostile to our activities. So, that’s good, I guess. I don’t want to make too light of how God has been drawing like hearted people to join us. Churches, community groups, and some businesses have committed to coming along side with time and material resources. Most importantly, prayer. People from different churches meet twice weekly and consistently pray for us as part of their prayers for our city. The favor that we see in our daily lives among our new friends has been, in no small part, due to prayer. So, day 1, find someone to pray for you… yes, please!

Brian Flood

Author Brian Flood

Brian and Heather Flood said ‘yes’ in the Fall of 2014 when members from the community approached them to offer an education program to help adults in the downtown Savannah community overcome barriers to rising above poverty. With the Flood's background in education and professional arenas they bring an individualized approach to assessing the needs of Hope Academy's students. The program has since expanded to include a relational approach to teaching English as a second language (ESL) classes to refugees placed in the Savannah area.

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  • Nicole says:

    I’m praying for your ministry, Brian! And for your journey through this 30 day DMM challenge! I am just joining for my second round of this challenge (there’s always more you can learn right??), so I’m a little behind you! But praying for you now!