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It’s kind of interesting that today’s challenge was what it was because Annie and I were just discussing yesterday how to share salvation with others. She had Romans Road written down in her notebook and gave it to me to read through and I had planned to go back and look it up to write it down later and then I pulled up the challenge for today!

I watched Curtis Sergeant’s video from his blog titled “Getting God’s Story Right” and then I practiced drawing the pictures and writing the points in my notebook this morning. I really like the idea of having visuals to move through as you tell people about salvation. I think I might go back through and try and tie some scriptures from Romans Road in with the the visual method.

I really liked getting to do this challenge today because it forced me to think about what I would tell someone about salvation through Jesus. It’s something I have never thought of practicing, but I like the idea of being ready to share it when an opportunity arises.

Today I also got to go hammocking with Morgan, a friend who I recruited to do the challenge on Day 2, and just see how everything was going for her and encourage her. We also just had a lot of discussion about being discipled and discipling others. She was one that I felt lead to share my story with from Day 18 so I shared with her my “mini story” of becoming part of a life group. This was a mini story that  I hadn’t practiced yet, but Morgan was open to listening as I explained the importance of meeting with other believers in discipleship on a weekly basis and how life groups had got me through some tough years of High School. There is something healing about meeting with other believers in a small group setting and I encourage all followers of Christ to get involved with a small group of some kind. My hardest years were the ones when I didn’t have the support and love from my life group to keep going through the week. I’m so blessed to have them now and I really encouraged Morgan to join one too!

Hannah Sheppeck

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Hey I'm Hannah! I'm an 18 year old getting ready to begin my freshman year of College as an Electronic Arts - Video Studies major. I love painting and being creative, playing Just Dance with my two little sisters, and eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream while having heart to hearts with my friends. I'm passionate about advancing the Gospel and sharing the love of Christ. I believe we all have a part to play in the Great Commission now matter how young, old, or inadequate we all might be and I'm excited to begin this disciple making journey!

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