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I immersed Uncle Job into Christ when he was in his late 70’s.  He had been born in the hometown of Confucius.  Was raised Buddhist.  He had traveled the world as a merchant marine; and had studied every world religion.  When he met Jesus, he immediately knew Jesus was the real thing he’d been searching for all these years.  Operating upon the belief that he had not much time left; his mission field became the local park, which he walked twice daily.  Uncle Job never tired of telling people about his new-found faith, and how through Jesus, there was no fear of death.  Soon, a small group was meeting weekly, completely made up of silver haired retirees.  And, over a period of several years, Job’s “pew” expanded to several smiling senior citizens.  Most of these have already gone home to glory; smiling, always smiling.  Oh, that we were all like Uncle Job!

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