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John and I go way back, as in the first day of freshman orientation at CBC. We roomed together for two years, we were the best-man in each other’s weddings — we even both married great gals named “Brenda.” We’ve shared a lot of experiences; most good and some heart-breaking. We’re even planning a Holy Land trip together! BUT, what we’ve never done is really commit to praying for one another! That changed today with Day-1 of the 30-Day Challenge.

He knows I will, and I know he will! We’re both busy in ministry and with life. In fact, John’s daughter gets married this month. All the more reason to pray! Prayer isn’t something you do when you have nothing better to do. Prayer is something you do because without God’s help we’re vulnerable, exposed.

What to pray? Why not, “Lord, may your Kingdom come, and your will be done in my roomie’s life today! Lord, use John mightily; help him make the most of every opportunity to be a light for you! May he defeat the devil at every turn through the power of the Spirit. And, Lord, bless his family in amazing ways that everyone will see clearly comes from You; a testimony of their dependence and reliance on the ‘Giver of all good things.’  All in the name of Jesus — so be it!”

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  • Doug Lucas says:

    Dave, it’s great to have you aboard! The point you’re making — that one could engage a relationship that already exists (like your relationship with John) and leverage it for meaningful prayer) is such a great idea. We’re glad you highlighted it!!! Thanks, brother! Keep it up!