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The “one another” passages of the NT remind us that discipleship, and even evangelism, are best seen as a team sport.  Years ago, in Taiwan, we prayed weekly for Eugene’s parents, who had disowned him for becoming a Christian.  Later, when Eugene’s parents home was flooded, our small group went and spent 2 days cleaning up the house.  Very few words were spoken, but volumes were communicated.  Not long after that, Eugene’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, and the church prayed.  Eugene’s dad recovered, and they could no longer resist the love and power of God.  Eugene’s mom and dad gave their lives to Christ.  And, Eugene’s small group, as well as the entire church rejoiced; because they all knew that they all played a part in this conversion story.  Ephesians 4:12 reminds us that by being “thoroughly equipped,” we all play a part in building up the body.  It reminds us that we all have gifts and abilities that can bless and build up the body of Christ.  BTW, a footnote to the above story:  we also discover new things about one another when we serve with one another — apparently, I waggle in a funny way when I mop a floor.

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