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Day 21 – Equipped and Engaged

By May 25, 2016Day 21

We still have one of our three kids at home.  Noah is sixteen.  We don’t spoon feed him anymore.  In fact, he’s capable of preparing food to feed himself.  How?  Brenda taught him how to use the microwave, stove and even the blender.  We also taught him to clean-up after himself; which he is still in process of grasping.  Curtis Sergeant’s video is dead-on:  many Christians have never left the “consumer” stage to become “producers.”  How important is independent daily feeding on the Word of God!?!  And, I would go a step further — setting aside a specific time each day to meditate on the Word (I prefer mornings), is absolutely necessary.  If every disciple was trained to self-feed; leadership, then, can become not the process of continual feeding, but of equipping the Saints (applying the Word of God already in you).  Now, that’s a radical thought in today’s church!

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